why do you need audio interface?
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Why do You Need Audio Interface?

New technologies are thriving in today’s world. From waking up to go to sleep, we all are inclined to explore the new dimensions of technologies. The music industry is not lagging at all. One of their newest and biggest boons is the emergence of an audio interface. 

If you are a music enthusiast and planning to flaunt your talent, you’ll be suggested to get an audio interface first. Despite that, surely you have this question in mind why you need an audio interface? Well, we’re here to shed light on this, so giddy up and keep reading to know more.

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What is an Audio Interface?

Audio Interface

Before getting into the main discussion, here we’ll tell you what an audio interface is. Usually, it is defined as a connector between microphones, speakers plus other audio sources and a computer. And, when you record new audio or sound through the microphone connected to an audio interface, the recorded sound would come out as more accurate and soothing.

It has been widely used in recording, podcasting, and designing sound. Due to the rapid growth of the podcast industry, the significance of this device is beyond imagination. Almost all modern computers have some type of ADC/DAC audio. It is either part of the chipset on the mainboard of the computer or a discrete card attached to a PC’s PCI. But still, the importance of an audio interface is much appreciated.

You can definitely raise the question of why do you need an audio interface aside from having a high-quality sound card in your device. But to be honest, relying on a sound card built-in device is an obsolete and unprofessional way to go for recording sound. Technically speaking, a sound card consists of limited I/O and limited quality. In addition to this, there are a lot more reasons why you need an audio interface. Check the below section to know more.

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Why do You Need Audio Interface?

Whether you’re a budding singer, musician, or DJ, your aspiration to make the best of your talent and show it to the world depends on the right choice of your musical appliance. And, when it comes to recording, we can certainly tell you that the best outcome can be brought only by an audio interface. 

Retains the Clarity of Your Recording:

Recording outside of the recording room usually fails to record the true transparent audio. Also, sometimes the sound card of your computer device auto syntheses some glitch resonances with your recording. An audio interface defeat both the issues alone. It successfully leads your computer to record your audio retaining the true crispiness and clarity of the sound.  

Cancellation of Unnecessary Noise:

Finding the unnecessary noises in your recordings is the most irritating thing ever. On top, though your recording is so perfect, you’ll have to delete it just because the bugging noise is way too much. The audio interface will automatically detect and cut the unnecessary noises to save you from this awful trouble! 

Improves the Quality of Your Recording:

An audio interface greatly enhances the quality of your recording. When you’re recording audio through the microphone connected to the audio interface, it catches the most transparent sound in the first place. Then the mechanism of the audio interface improves the quality of the original version to a great extent and reproduces the best version of your recording.

Avails Wider Range of Input: 

Whether you plan to record on your tablet, laptop, or desktop, none of them provide you with more than 2/3 inputs. You’ll be surprised to know that, an audio interface comes with at least 5 to 8 inputs, where you can plug multiple audio gears at a time. You see, the recording and mixing sound become a lot easier with the mercy of an audio interface.

Fetches professional Touch into Your Recording:

Another impelling perk of an audio interface is that it deliberately fetches a professional touch into your recording. Many of us think recording in a recording room is the only way to have professional quality. To their surprise, a little investment in an audio interface can get you this desiring quality.

These are some of the perks of an audio interface that we thought to bring forth to elucidate why do you need an audio interface to record audio. For your further convenience, below we have attached the process of how to connect the audio interface to a computer for those who have no idea about the fundamentals of cabling. 

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How to Connect the Audio Interface with a Computer!

How to Connect the Audio Interface with a Computer!

As you purchase an audio interface model, you’ll either get a firewire cable, USB cable, or thunderbolt cable bundled with the package. Depending on the cable type, the procedure of connecting the audio interface to your computer may vary. Yet the most traditional process is plugging one port of the given cable into the matching port of the audio interface. Then insert the other port of the cable into the matching port of your computer network socket. And there you’re done connecting your audio interface to your computer. Just turn the system on as you proceed with the recording.

This article is dedicatedly prepared for the readers in a dilemma of whether to buy an interface or not. If you wonder why you need audio interface, then your quandary ends here. We’ve dredged out all the perks of an audio interface precisely in this article. It not only improves the quality of your recordings but also cut the unwanted noise and fetch a professional touch. Its advantages are worthy of bucks so we genuinely recommend you to get one if you’re planning to work with recording anytime soon.

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