BLON X HBB Z300 Review

Review: BLON X HBB Z300 – Redundant or Revolutionary?

Review: BLON X HBB Z300 – Redundant or Revolutionary?

Our comprehensive BLON X HBB Z300 review will show a remarkable collaborative venture between BLON and the renowned audio reviewer HBB. Leveraging HBB’s extensive knowledge and artistic flair in the audio realm, this partnership has birthed an exceptional creation that embodies a perfect blend of superior sound and impeccable design. The collaboration with HBB is a testament to the unwavering dedication to audio and design excellence. Let’s dive into it.

I. Product Technical Specifications

  • Model: BLON x HBB Z300
  • Drivers: 10mm Silicone diaphragm
  • Sensitivity: 115 dB
  • Impedance: 28 ohm
  • Case Color: Gold (with 18K gold-plated case); Matte blue (with spray-painting case)
  • Cable: 3.5mm 4-core high purity copper cable (no microphone version)/3.5mm silver-plated cable (microphone version, with a single button)
  • Connector: 0.78mm 2-pin
  • Cable length: 1.2m±5%
  • Price: USD 35.00 via Amazon

II. Design of BLON X HBB Z300

The matte black version is recommended for those seeking a more understated aesthetic, as the gold-plated variant can be considered overly ostentatious. If you incline luxurious and radiant finishes, the gold option may better suit your preferences. However, the matte black iteration is an ideal choice if you wish to avoid drawing undue attention or scrutiny.

Both versions boast a cohesive construction, featuring robust Zinc-alloy shells adorned with intricately crafted dragon artwork delicately positioned on the faceplate. It is important to note that the artwork, and potentially the paint on the black version, may exhibit signs of wear over time, necessitating careful handling to preserve their visual appeal.

The 2-Pin Connectors

A vent accompanies the nozzle, while another is perpendicular to the 2-pin connectors. This vent configuration has become increasingly prevalent in affordable single-DD in-ear monitors (IEMs).

The advantage of this vent placement is that both vents are situated on the inner side, thus minimizing any compromise to isolation. However, a drawback is that the driver does not receive as much direct airflow, resulting in a bass response that may lack impact and density. The raised 2-pin ports, while functional, may not be the preferred design for some individuals as they necessitate specific connectors.

Redefining Durability: Zinc Alloy Enclosure

Meticulously forged from 18K gold-plated Zinc alloy, these earphones embody a perfect blend of durability and fashion-forwardness. With a captivating dragon motif intricately woven into sharp angles, they exude a contemporary and refined aesthetic bound to captivate attention. The exquisite gold plating enhances the design with luxury and sophistication.

III. Performance of BLON X HBB Z300

The BLON X HBB Z300 features a 10mm silicone diaphragm driver; however, BLON does not provide specific information about the driver magnet assembly or cavity. Regarding sound tuning, the BLON X HBB Z300 adopts a bass-heavy “U-shaped” signature.

Bass reproduction

The bass response exhibits a sluggish and somewhat indistinct quality. When confronted with fast-paced basslines, they tend to bleed into the lower-mid frequencies, resulting in a slightly messy lower-end presentation. Consequently, the overall sense of speed and impact is compromised.

In terms of sub-bass reproduction, the BLON Z300 delivers a decent rumble; nevertheless, there are competing models that outperform it in this particular aspect.

On a positive note, the texture of the bass is commendable, particularly in simpler tracks with fewer instrument layers. However, the aforementioned bleed becomes more pronounced in more complex compositions, making it challenging to discern individual elements.


The midrange of the BLON X HBB Z300 demonstrates a carefully calibrated tuning without any hint of shortness or piercing highs. The lower mids are enriched, resulting in impactful snare hits and baritone vocals sounding even more robust and resonant. The upper mids maintain a smooth and gradual transition without any potential shortness.

BLON X HBB Z300 Review

If you prioritize a midrange presentation that is exceptionally safe and free from any potential sibilance or harshness, the Z300 is an excellent choice.

However, this emphasis on safety comes at the cost of excitement. Guitar riffs, which typically possess a captivating intensity, lose some of their usual vigor and impact when reproduced through the Z300. It is somewhat perplexing to witness HBB’s choice of tuning here, especially considering a significant portion of his playlist consists of rock tracks with prominent and sharp guitar riffs.


The treble response of the BLON X HBB Z300 appears commendable based on the frequency graph, except for a slight emphasis in the mid-treble range. It’s worth noting that this emphasis may vary depending on the insertion depth of the IEMs, as the Z300 is not intended for deep insertion. The treble tuning of the Z300 complements the overall bassy signature of the IEMs quite well.


The soundstage of the BLON X HBB Z300 exhibits average width and height, but the depth is noticeably lacking, as exemplified in the track “Straight Out of Line” by Godsmack. While the snare hits from 3:21 to 3:25, the sound feels flat and confined within the listener’s head.

Imaging performance is also average, displaying satisfactory separation between left and right channels; however, it falls short in delivering a precise sense of positional orientation.

Dynamics Drivers

Regarding dynamics and speed, the Z300 offers a decent macrodynamic punch. However, the rendition of micro dynamics, which involves subtle shifts in volume, could be more pronounced. The overall speed of the sound reproduction leans towards the slower side, primarily influenced by the tuning choices implemented in the IEMs.

BLON X HBB Z300 Review

With a sensitivity rating of 115 dB/mW, the Z300 proves to be highly efficient and effortless to drive. They are compatible with most budget dongles and should perform well with any device offering a voltage swing of 1 Vrms or higher.

IV. What’s in The Box

Crafted using top-tier materials, these headphones are meticulously designed for longevity. The four-strand braided high-purity copper wire guarantees unrivaled clarity and transparency, enabling the listener to experience each musical note with unparalleled precision. Moreover, the detachable feature offers effortless cable replacement, opening up a world of possibilities and enhancing the overall enjoyment of the listening experience.

BLON X HBB Z300 Review

Inside the box, you will find:

  • BLON Z300 in-ear monitors (IEMs)
  • Six pairs of silicone tips
  • Carrying pouch
  • 4-core SPC cable with 2-pin connectors, available with either a 3.5mm or 4.4mm plug.

V. The Advantages and Disadvantages

BLON X HBB Z300 Review


  • Superb craftsmanship
  • Comfortable and secure fit
  • Impressive range of accessories considering the price
  • Smooth and pleasant mid-range, devoid of any harshness
  • Enhanced presence and depth in snare hits and baritone vocals


  • Lack of clarity and definition in the bass response
  • Dampened and unfocused sound for guitar riffs and strings
  • Potentially grating mid-treble peak
  • Subtle nuances in sound dynamics are not easily discernible
  • Mediocre imaging with a noticeable deficiency in stage depth
  • The limited resolution, especially considering the price point


Our BLON X HBB Z300 review shows that BLON X HBB Z300 provides a truly satisfying listening experience for rock and electronic music enthusiasts. In other genres, they exhibit a neutral sound signature and deliver a more than adequate performance for everyday listening. When confronted with aggressive genres, they portray a certain aggression and intensity; however, if needed, they can effortlessly transition into a state of serenity, rendering even classical or orchestral compositions with remarkable precision and finesse. If you want to learn more about IEMs, check out the most expensive IEMs in the world.

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