Sennheiser IE 800s
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Sennheiser IE 800s

Sennheiser IE 800s

The Sennheiser IE 800s is probably one of the most costly all-inclusive headphones you can get. They cost £600, making them startlingly expensive for the vast majority. However, they don’t have the standard sound we anticipate from an outstanding quality headphone. With the absolute most profound bass, we’ve heard in IEMs; they’re shocked gathering beasts. Check out V-Moda Crossfade 2 Wireless Review

It’s with a level of excitement we are reviewing the Sennheiser IE 800s – they might be the most recent expansion to your record-breaking top choices list. It’s essential to comprehend who this pair of earphones is focused on. They cost £600, which for in-ear earphones are probably the most costly matches available. These are for audiophiles and dedicated audiophiles at that. They are at a bargain now.


Sennheiser IE 800s


Tastefully the IE 800s have an unmistakable favorable position over their rivals in that they’re tinny. A significant part of the challenge utilizes numerous drivers or armatures in their headphones and encases them in enormous bodies. The IE 800s are excessively tinny, unfathomably lightweight, and the least nosy. They’re nearest in fit to the Klipsch X10s, which is no awful thing. They will suit little ears pleasantly, and the silicone tips in the container arrive in a scope of sizes and offer fantastic commotion seclusion and solace.

Also, Sennheiser IE 800 uses a unique solitary driver for every earpiece where other excellent quality sets will, in general, utilize a pack, as much as four drivers for each ear. The driver is 7mm in size, making it significantly smaller than the ones utilized in some £10 jobbies you’ll discover encased in plastic rankle packs on the high road. Some may state the tiny size makes the cost all the additionally irritating, yet these are outstandingly well-made headphones.

Throughout the years, clients who have been utilizing these earphones state that they have worn them for a considerable length of time and never discovered them physically exhausting. You can even nod off with them easily. To the back is twin debilitates that contribute liberally to the bass execution. Cabling is well-built, with few tangling issues and appropriately strong packaging around the regions the link joins to the 3.5mm fitting and the earphones themselves.


Sennheiser IE 800s

The IE 800s sound great. What Sennheiser appears to have endeavored to do here, however, is engineer convenient in-ear earphones with similar objectives of its full-size earphones, for example, its magnificent yet at a-cost HD 800s that cost around a thousand quid.

The outcome is noteworthy. They’re a strikingly open-sounding earphone, in any event, for an in-ear model; they’re amazingly spotless and uncolored in their tone and with bass reaction profound enough nearly to devastate structures. On the outstanding quality, trebles shimmer practically sparkle; they’re so splendid and clear.

For audience members profoundly worried about finding an earphone that doesn’t add shading to their sound. The Sennheiser IE 800s go to lengths to intrigue. Somewhat more warmth in the mid-range will make more joyful, expressly, as specific tracks from Amy MacDonald and Stevie Wonder left me wishing vocal nearness was only a touch more grounded.

Slam, felt like they fit the characteristic sound of the Sennheiser IE 800s more than, state, acoustic did. The intensity of the bass joined with the open sound of the excellent quality, gave me the sentiment of being in the sonic sweet spot of a top of the line London drum ‘n’ bass club, yet without the smell of sweat and medications.

All through a voyage through kinds during testing, from move and fly, through acoustic and great stone, up to Norwegian dark metal and any semblance of Flesh god Apocalypse, the Sennheiser IE 800s dazzle. There’s no exhaustion, physically or sonically. Indeed, even your present top picks, the Ultimate Ears UE 900s, are a touch exhausting following four or five hours of tuning in. Not so with the Sennheisers.

They have a low impedance of 16 Ohms with the goal that they can be rapidly drive-by compact gadgets. Their recurrence reaction goes from the insane low 5Hz right up to over 45kHz. Human hearing is around 20Hz to 20 kHz, so protected to state the IE 800s have the range secured for hello there res DSD sound, which I tried with any semblance of Counting Crows to Nirvana and doing so made my decision a simple one to compose.

Cable and Durability

Cable and Durability

Some might confound at how little consideration has been paid to the Sennheiser IE 800s long haul endurance possibilities, however. They don’t utilize a customary removable link; typically, an absolute necessity has in any headphones costing more than about £100. As much as we prefer protection estimates with regards to headphones, the link is high-caliber. It’s unadulterated without oxygen copper link fortified with kevlar and feels much harder than most cables of its thickness.

Rather, the cable splits away at where the L/R links join, utilizing a standard 2.5mm attachment. There’s a clear motivation behind why the little earpieces make actualizing a completely removable cable troublesome; however, it although everything doesn’t altogether pardon it. It is sufficient to guarantee you don’t need to supplant the headphones should the end jack connector come up short. Means you can purchase a sensibly modest augmentation link for at-home use.


Sennheiser IE 800s

It’s troublesome not to concede the Sennheiser IE 800s are contenders for “best in-ear earphones you’ve but heard.”. Yet, it’s similarly extreme not to accept that they’re so intensely designed. They evaluated excessively high in any event for a considerable lot of the world’s most energetic music lovers. They’re a genuine deal contrasted with the £1,200 AKG 3003s, which I’d state they’re comparable to, execution and structure astute. It is positively recommended to purchase two sets of the Sennheisers over others, regardless of whether to spare one as reinforcement.

When cash is no object, or in case you’re after the best without diving into four-figure sticker prices, the IE 800s get my suggestion. Therefore, in case you’re not an admitted audiophile and are hoping to dispose of those Apple-made earbuds, you can imitate a lot of Sennheiser’s sound quality here for a large portion of the cost.

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