Shure SE215
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Shure SE215 Review

Shure SE215.

To own Shure SE215 is an added advantage to the user because it has a unique design that fits on the ear without any interference. The soft rubber of the nozzle makes it comfortable to wear the earbuds on the ear. The curved shape of Shure se215 makes the earbud fit on the ear without any fall, protecting it from breakage. The earbuds have an attached remote that enables one to control the volume and receive calls with ease without removing the phone in the pocket. It contains kits with varieties of sleeves that will allow removing the outside noise when one wears the earphone.

The content of the box

Shure se215 comes when placed on the box to ensure it is secure. The box contains the zipper that makes it easy to protect the earbud from the external damage. It has the additional sleeves that provide one that can change them with time. The box is of lather material that is presentable while holding on the hand. Shure SE215-K Sound Isolating Earphones with Single Dynamic MicroDriver

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The design of the Shure se215 earbuds makes it easy to wear and use with a lot of comforts because it cannot fall. The sound-isolating design has features with a fit kit with a variety of sleeves customs that blocks external voice by up to 37 dB.

This earbud is highly compatible with most of the voice devices such as Apple and android mobiles. A 3.5mm switch, which is effective and compatible with IOS and Apple devices, enables the connection. Shure se215 contains a three-button remote connected on the cable that allows you to adjust the volume of the music and to receive a phone call without removing the phone on the pocket.

Shure se215 contains an inline microphone that provides seamless control over the phone calls and the easily accessible operations like music playback or the change if the channel if one is listening to the radio station. The wired connection of the earbud makes it secure because it is not easy to lose the headphones. Besides, the earbuds are easy to personalize, and they rest on the unmatched place.

It is easy to convert Shure se215 from a wired to the wireless device through the purchase of a separate cable that enhances Bluetooth connectivity. The cable makes the earphone increase the connectivity through Bluetooth 5.0 communication cable. This cable comes in different colors, making it easy for someone to select the colors that they prefer.


Shure se215 is a wired earbud that has a curved shape to enable it fir on the ear. The edge of the earbud contains a soft rubber cushion that makes it comfortable for one to use it with a lot of comforts. The wire has a durable rubber coating that makes the earbud durable and long-lasting.

The earbud comes with a switch that enables one to use the earphone with different audio devices such as apple and android to increase its compatibility. It contains a sound-isolating featuring fit kit that includes various types of sleeves, making it easy to change them.

Shure se215 has an inline three-button that makes it easy for one to control the voice and receive a call with ease. The buttons are multifunctional because of the forward and push back music when it plays. The last function of the switch is to pause the music and use it to control other highly accessible features.

The box carrying the earbud has a zipper that secures the earphone and other cables from external damage. It is lightweight, making it portable and easy to move with it from one place to the other.

Shure SE215


Shure se215 earbuds are convenient because they do not require charging. The earbud functionality depends on the available power on the audio device. It has different sleeves that are changeable t fit the color of the cloth or remove the dirt on them.

Shure se215 has two years warrant that makes it highly reliable in terms of use. Provided the user has a valid receipt, they can return to the seller for the collection of a new earbud. The services of the earphones cover material defects and manufacturing only.

It is convenient because it is not rechargeable, and a person can use it at any place. The ear sleeves are soft and comfortable because of the manufacturing of the soft rubber used to make them. Shure se215 sleeves are long-lasting and do not lose their initial color because of the high-quality material used to make them.

The additional connectivity through Bluetooth is compatible with most of the audio devices, making it best for use at any place.

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One needs to purchase a separate cable to enable Shure se215 to connect using Bluetooth, which increases the price for the headphone. The cable may increase the weight of the earbud, making it hard to use. When the cable spoils, it makes it hard for one to use it is hard and expensive to repair it

These Shure se215 have are highly compatible with most of the devices because they contain a lot of switches that enable them to function with both android and Apple devices. The high-quality material used to make the earbuds makes it durable with more than two years without the earbud lose the color. The cable is long to enable one to connect with a device at a distance place. The design of the earbud makes it fit on the ear; thus, there is no external voice interference from the surrounding. Shure se215 has remote on the cable with three buttons that make it easy for one to access volume buttons and receives the phone call without removing the phone.

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