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Shure se425 Review

Shure se425 is a wireless sound-isolating earbud which contains dual high-definition drivers that ensure there is accurate and balanced sound with a comfortable fit. It has an isolating design that prevents external noise from reaching the ear, which may affect the user during travel, thus producing an audible sound.

Shure se425 earbuds have an innovative detachable cable system that enables one to use both the wired and the wireless technology. The earbud contains a mic with a remote that allows one to access the phone with ease. The premium quality case enables a person to carry it with a lot of ease when it is not in use. The manufacturer of the headsets is Shure Company, which is also the chief advertising agent in the whole world.

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What is in the box?

Shure se425 comes is a leather box that makes it look appealing and attractive. The box comes with an adapter that enables one to connect with iOS/ Apple devices with ease. The universal communication cable that is 3.5 makes it easy for one to communicate with a lot of clarity. The micro USB charging cable is one of the essential devices that come in the box because without it charging of the earbud will be hard.


Shure se425 What is in the box?

Clothing clip is necessary because Shure se425 has a cable device; the clip enables you to stick together the cables and the cloth so that it does not swing, leading to destruction. The other component of the box is the Bluetooth 5.0 communication cable that makes it easy for some to use the earbud through a wireless connection on any audio device. The box comes with the manual on how one will use Shure se425 with ease. The last components of the box are the fit kits, which contain a different variety of sleeves that makes it easy for one to change them.

Shure SE425 Features

Shure SE425

Shure se425 uses the most advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology, which is compatible with most of the audio devices such as laptops, phones, and tablets. The Bluetooth connectivity is robust that enables someone to connect with the earbud at a distance of ten meters. Shure se425 has a premium quality of wireless audio performance that has deep bass and a clear sound. This earbud has an amplifier with superior and high-fidelity audio with a wireless capability.

Shure se425 has an inline microphone with a remote that enables you to offers seamless control for phone calls and voice commands. The above features make it easy to use the earbud at any point without removing the pocket from the pocket. The mic uses noise-canceling technology that eliminates external noise interference. The volume control buttons also act as a music play button.

The headphone makes it easy for one t transit from apple and android devices because it comes with a universal communication cable, which is 3.5 mm and fit iOS devices. Shure se425 supports multiple codecs such as AAC, Low Latency, Qualcomm aptX audio, and aptX audio that enables superior digital connection or audio.

These earbuds are secure because of the over-the ear-design that makes them stay at the ear without any movement making the ear to be comfortable.


Shure se425 has a unique design that fits every ear because its sleeves are removable, and it comes with sleeves of different sizes and colors. The wired design ensures the earbud does not get lost at any point. It has a curved shape that makes it stick on the ear when a person wears it. This earbud incorporates both the wired and the wireless technology that makes it best in the market.

Shure se425 Design

The battery

Shure se425 uses a battery that contains lithium ions. The battery function for 10 hours when fully charged, making it so convenient for the people who are traveling and need to listen to music throughout the journey. This battery takes two hours to be full, and when charged for 15 minutes, it can last for three hours. The micro USB used for charging is durable and regulates the amount of energy that enters to the earbud. The battery is long-lasting and lasts for more than five years.


Shure se425 has lightweight and portable making it easy for a person to wear it during a long journey. The battery used is long-lasting with the functionality of up to 10 hours when it is full, which takes two hours for it to have a full charge.

The earbuds come with the case box that is smooth on the surface and attractive. This box case enables the user to carry the earbud with all its components, and this enhances security and the safety of earphones. The inline remote makes it easy to access the phone without removing it in the pocket or backpack. Through the remote, one can control the volume, and back play the music and even receive the phone call.


The earbud is not entirely wireless connectivity because one needs to have the Bluetooth 5.0 communication cable to enjoy the services. The universal cable enables the earbud to connect with most of the devices. It is tiresome to change the sleeves from time to time, and they may get lost easily. When one cable spoils, the earbud stops to function immediately.

Shure se425 has a unique design that fits on the ear of the user despite the different types of ear sizes. It comes with a box that contains different types of sleeves that enables the earphone to fit on the ear. The material used to makes the sleeves are soft natural rubber that is comfortable on the ear. Shure se425 comes with a clip that protects it from external damage or movement of the cable when one wears it. The material used in the battery is lithium ions, which are durable and long-lasting.

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