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Shure se846 Review

Shure se846 uses Bluetooth 5.0 that enables it to pair with most of the laptops, phones, and tablets. The connection with the device is secure to allow one to use the earbud 10 meters apart from the source where the audio device. The high technology used in Bluetooth enables one to connect with up to two gadgets make it best when someone is transiting from various types of media. The dual connectivity ensures a continuous flow of information when you are moving. Shure se846 earbuds are lightweight, making it easy to use when walking for a long distance.

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The content of the box

Shure se846 comes in a small b, which is soft and comfortable to hold on the hand. The box contains a short micro USB used for charging the earbud. The earbud uses the adapter and the airline adapter that enables to boost the quality of sound. Another component of the box is the universal communication cable that allows one to communicate with it at any place. It also contains the nozzle removal key and a pair of nozzle inserts. The final component on the box is the audio cable that connects to any audio devices.

Shure SE846-CL Sound Isolating Earphones

Shure SE846-CL Sound Isolating Earphones


These earbuds contain four high-definition drivers that provide high-end clarity while producing high performance. The earbud enables the user to enjoy the state of art listening experience with any deformation of the eardrum. The earbud fits on the ear of the user. There is no need for the user to hold it when listening to music.

The design of the earbud enables it to fit in the ear space. It contains a soft lining on end made of soft rubber that makes it comfortable to the ear. The rubber used does not include rubber is of high-quality, which does not contain any latex making it non-toxic.

Shure SE846-CL Sound Isolating Earphones

The microphone of Shure se846 uses noise-canceling technology that makes it easy for someone to talk using it. The phone has three buttons remotely, that makes it easy to receive a phone call while listening to music.

The cable that connects the two earbuds is durable because of the high outer coating. The earphone is easily accessible because of the three buttons used to control the volume of the earbuds. Shure se846 has a three-ways systems configuration for the production of low, mid, and high-frequency distribution. When using Shure se846, one can adjust the frequency response for customized sound. The nozzle of the earbuds has a removable nozzle that inserts that one can change. The nozzles have different colors, warmth, and brightness that makes it easy for one to match the environment.

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Shure se846uses sound isolation design that features fit kits with different sleeves for custom fit blocks that can reach to 37 dB. The design of the earbud makes it easy for the earbud to eliminate the external voice making one enjoy the music.

Shure SE846-CL Sound Isolating Earphones

The three buttons on the cable of the earbud enable one to enjoy the music with fast operation. One of the buttons allows the user of the earbud to receive the phone call. The other two buttons make the user increase the volume of the music. The nozzle of the earbud is removable to help someone to match with the clothes they are wearing or the weather changes. Shure se846 is easy to fold and keep it in the box or the bag making it highly portable and easy to use at any time.

  • Battery performance

The battery of Shure se846 earbud has lithium ions that make it last for a long time before charging. It takes three hours to fully charge the earbud, which will play the music for more than without recharging. The long-lasting of the battery ensures one enjoys the music throughout the day and charge it at night. Shure se846 uses a micro USB charger that is faster and compatible with many devices.

  • Pros

Shure se846 uses modern Bluetooth technology that makes it easy for someone to use it on various compatible devices. This earbud is portable and lightweight, making it easy for someone to move with it throughout the day. It is highly accessible, making it easy to use in various types of devices for Android and Apple.

The battery is durable with a maximum of one year warrant to use the headphones. Shure se846 uses noise calling devices that enable the user to receive to phone with a lot of clarity; it also allows a person to play the music without external interference.

This Shure se846 headphone uses the three-way system that enables one to change the frequency from loud mid and low. The frequency change allows the earbuds to produce high performance with a real subwoofer sound.

  • Cons

Shure se846 is a small size having more chances of losing them in the pocket or the bag. The price of the earbud high compared to other earbuds making it expensive. The need for daily charging weakness the battery, and it may lose its playtime period after a few days.

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Shure se846 is portable because of its lightweight making it easy to use it throughout the day with ease. The earbud contains soft rubber nozzles that are soft, making it comfortable on the ear. The nozzle is removable to ensure the health of the ear is vital, it also enables one to change and match with the clothes they wear. The design of the earbuds does not get off when music is playing because they fit on the ear. The doubles pairing of the earbud enables one to move while listening to the music on a contain system connection. It has a box that protects it when not in use.

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