Sony A100 Walkman series
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Is Sony Making Their Comeback with the New Sony A100 Walkman Series?

Sony A100 Walkman

All the avid audiophiles out there, arise! The latest edition to the Sony Walkman series is here to take your listening experience a notch higher. Sony has paved the way for audio player business, no doubt in that. And, they keep coming with new audio players every now and then, only to exceed the previous one. They have arrived with their new bang Sony A100 Walkman series which is offering hi-res audio at a pocket-friendly price range. As this product is still considered fresh in the market, it’s  creating a lot of buzzes and now on its way to becoming a bestseller. And in this short time, it’s been able to make its way to the bucket list of many music enthusiasts.

This machine is charging very minimum and providing the brand’s signature sound quality with a premium built. It’s unique from other audio players in the market and has immersive sound quality that delivers audio that’s nothing short of a treat to the ears. It provides punchy and detailed clarity of every sound and beautifies the listening experience with much grace. So, let us directly dive into the detailed specifications of the device!

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Product description

Sony A100 Walkman series

This A100 Walkman was released at the end of 2019 and is still creating hype in the market. It was built with the assistance of the best sound engineers to ensure a superior listening experience. Like all the other Walkman, it’s wrapped in a rigid aluminum mold frame to cut out noise and distortion in sound and also to provide solid bass.

The whole system is powered by Android 9.0 that makes it convenient to use. The availability of Wi-Fi is all you need to stream music and video in this player. Besides, with the high-resolution small screen, users can also stream videos from different digital sites. So, it feels more like a tiny tablet in your palm.

To ensure the best quality sound, the engineers of Sony have used advanced gold solders which provide crystal clear vocals and crisp audio. For clearer highs and lows in sound, it also has built-in film capacitors.

The surface-mounted Fine Sound Resistors ensure effective distribution of power to the circuit for consistent sound production. To deliver high-resolution wireless streaming and instant connectivity, Sony has used its premium LDAC and NFC support in this player as well. LDAC transmits audio three times faster in Bluetooth and with improved NFC, seamless streaming is now easier than ever.

Sony has made the device audio compatible with their S-Master HX, DSEE Ultimate, DSD playback, high-quality PCM conversion technologies. It guarantees high-resolution audio with maximum clarity, high-frequency sound in compressed audios, and intense detail in natural sound. For best audio output, Sony has also designed a new pair of headphones that comes in funky colors.

Product Design and Quality

A100 Walkman

The solid craftsmanship of the A100 player is proved by the sleek and curved design. It has a very compact design and feels comfortable in hand because of its matte finish.

It has a relatively larger colorful display of 3.6 inches than its predecessors but yet, Sony has managed to keep it in a compact size. On the right side, there are seven extra-large buttons to control the music. It weighs around 108 grams and offers 26 hours of battery life depending on the usage of noise-cancelling and ambient sound modes.

The bottom has a 3.5 mm audio jack for audio output, type C port, and a MicroSD slot for memory expansion. Both the Walkman and its headphones come in five different colors including red, black, green, orange, and blue.

A100 Walkman comes in three different variants. The base variant comes with 16GB of internal storage and the upgraded variant comes with 32GB of internal storage. Last but not the least, another variant known as the 40th-anniversary model comes only in black color with 16GB of internal storage. The output has a frequency of 20-40,000 Hz and the maximum power output is 35mW+35mW.

  1. TFT color display with white LED-backlight.
  2. Powered by Android 9.0.
  3. Digital noise cancelling technology.
  4. Bluetooth 5.0, NFC and Wi-Fi support.
  5. 3.6 inches HD display.
  6. Expandable memory.
  7. Up to 26 hours of battery life.
  8. Uninterrupted sound quality is ensured by MQA files.
  9. USB type C port for easy charging.


Here comes the moment of truth! Even though the A100 Walkman is a high-end audio player, the price is way cheaper compared to other players in the market. As the demand for paid music subscriptions is at its peak right now, investing on a decent audio player is the only way out. It comes at a pretty affordable price and provides all the features a high-end audio player should offer. With all the updates and new software systems like MQA, AIFF, MWA, PCM, APE, A100 is surely a bang for the buck and purchasing this one will come in handy in the long run.

This DAC is a great purchase for you if you happen to be an audiophile who wants an audio player with both high-resolution audio and exclusive features in a compact size. The 360-reality audio feature of the DAC makes the audio quality more natural and brings it to life. With the assistance of the latest technologies, this DAC has different digital amplifiers that bring out the best sound even from compressed audio files. The great compatibility of the Walkman also comes in handy to stream music, videos, and download various Android apps. All these features along with the innovative design make the Sony A100 Walkman series irresistible to invest in. So, if you are in hunt of a new audio player and cannot make up your mind, this one is the way to go. Get this audio player right away and experience music like never before!

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