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Top 10 Sony Earbuds in 2020

Sony provides you with the best quality of earbuds that will upgrade your listening experience! They provide you with a variety of features and hundreds of options to choose from. So, if you want to throw away your old, dysfunctional earphone and looking for a new pair, you are just in the right place. We have done our research and picked out the top 10 Sony earbuds to help you choose your perfect piece.

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10. Sony Extra Bass Active Sports

Sony Extra Bass Active Sports

This is your perfect workout partner that will help you boost your energy with its every beat and will keep your body in sync. It provides you with that clear sound without any extra noise and has a frequency range of around 17000 to 22000 Hertz. It is splash-proof; so, workout with ease without worrying about your sweat damaging the earphone.

  • Fits perfectly in the ear
  • Has adjustable ear loop to keep the earbuds in place
  • The cord is 1.2m in length
  • Splash-proof; thus, can be used during rain

9. Sony MDRXB510AS/B


This is a high-quality earbud with excellent sound quality. The remote has only one button facilitating easy access. They are very comfortable, lightweight and you can easily run wearing these earphones. It provides the perfect bass and is totally worth the price.

  •  Fits perfectly
  • Comes with 4 ear tip sizes and 3 Arc support sizes
  • Upgraded low-frequency performance
  • Water-resistant

8. Sony WI-C200

Sony WI-C200

This is an easily portable Bluetooth earphone. It has a stylish and sleek design that is perfect for your busy life. You can easily receive your calls and it also comes with a voice assistant. Its in-built magnetic design helps to keep the earphone tangle-free.

  •  Fits perfectly in the ear
  • Has a battery life that lasts up to 15 hours
  • The cables are lightweight
  • Has a built-in magnet for easy storage

7. Sony WF-1000XM3

Sony WF-1000XM3

This is a wireless earphone that has noise-canceling property. It is small and lightweight. Voice assistant, Alexa can also be enabled with a single touch. It also has automatic features that can switch sound modes according to your activity.

  • Has a battery life that lasts up to 24 hours
  • Has 24bit Audio signal
  • Capable of quick charging
  • Comes with a box to store

6. Sony MDREX15AP In-Ear Earbud

Sony MDREX15AP In-Ear Earbud

This is a Y-type earbud that is lightweight and easily portable. It is comfortable to use with its high-quality silicone earbuds as they are soft and fit well. It supports high-frequency which helps to listen to your music with very fine details.

  • Perfectly fits in-ear with its silicone earbud
  • Supports frequency range from 8Hz to 22KHz
  • Has dual-color design

5. Sony WI-C310 Wireless in-Ear Headset

Sony WI-C310 Wireless in-Ear Headset

This earphone is definitely a steal! The design is stylish and sleek that provides excellent sound quality and solid Bluetooth performance with fantastic battery life. It is lightweight, flexible, and definitely worth the money.

  •  Has a battery life that lasts up to 15 hours
  • 9mm driver units
  • Has behind-the-neck design
  • Magnetic buds for better sound quality



Sony provides you with this amazing earphone at a very budget-friendly amount. It has excellent sound quality and fits perfectly in your ear. It cancels ambient noise completely and enhances your music listening experience. They are really comfortable, lightweight, and tangle-free.

  • Comes with 3 pairs of silicone earbuds
  • Small and easily portable

3. Sony MDRXB50AP


This is an excellent earbud that has a driver size of 30mm and a very powerful bass. It is a Y-type cord that does not get tangled at all. They are comfortable silicone earbud that helps to fit your ear perfectly. The earbuds provide a perfect balance for the bass and help you enjoy the music without any outside noise.

  • 30mm driver size
  • Has a battery life that lasts up to 30 hours
  • The cord is 3.94ft in length
  • Supports frequency range from 4Hz to 24Hz

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2. Sony Earphones- MDREX15LP

Sony Earphones- MDREX15LP

These are really affordable earphones with great quality. They have L and R labeled on the earbuds to avoid any kind of confusion while using, this is something that is usually not seen in other earphones. The structure of the earbud is small and compact; thus, you can easily use them when you are listening to some music while falling asleep. These earphones are lightweight and can be easily carried around.

  • Fits perfectly in the ear
  • Supports frequency range from 8Hz to 22KHz
  • 9mm driver size

1. Sony WI-XB400

Sony WI-XB400

This is the perfect headphone that will give you the best company in your busy life. The headphone can last up to one hour just by charging it for 10 minutes, thus you can enjoy your music even in your busy schedule. The headphone is lightweight; thus, you can use it anywhere you want. The extra-stability and flexibility of the earphone along with its audio-assist compatibility help you use it with ease and is very helpful when in the gym. Its extra-bass sound quality makes your body move with the beat.

  • 12mm driver size
  • Has a battery life that lasts up to 15 hours
  • Wireless and behind-the-neck design
  • Supports frequency range from 20Hz to 20000Hz

In short, these are some of the best Sony earbuds that we have listed above. They will give you a company and make your busy life beautiful with a musical touch. We hope that you found your perfect earbud.

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