Sony Earphones with Mic
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Nothing can be more irritating than tiring your hand holding your cell phone for hours while talking on it. Do you want a solution to this problem? What you need is Earphones with Mics! With such an earphone, you can multi-task with your free hands. This means that you can go everywhere, and be on the phone while doing other works at the same time. Sony has always been the King of the Electronics Industry and its headsets live up to its brand value. With Sony Earphones, you will be able to use your phone and remain relaxed even if you have to hold the phone to your ear for a long time. Therefore, have a look at these amazing Sony Earphones with Mic!

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Top 10 Sony Earphones with Mic in 2021

10. Sony Sbh70

Sony Sbh70

This SBH70 Stereo earphones are not only decent looking, but it also delivers premium quality in terms of its Bluetooth connectivity, Wireless Liquid-Resistant design, and NFC.

It has a premium look and light design that is fully sealed.

  • Echo and noise cancellation feature.
  • HD voice complaint microphone.
  • Acoustically sealed ear-buds.


  • It is flexible, lightweight, and comfortable.


  • Not as ergonomic

9. ECM-TL3 


This is a super-compact and robust earphone that is suitable for monitoring voice calls as well as other functions.

The microphone is coated with synthetic rubber to reduce the pressure on the speaker.

  • This is very compact sized
  • Easily anyone can turn on record mode
  • Ear-pads are pressure reducing


  • Record quality is good
  • Amazing sound quality


  • When several devices are connected, it can create problems

8. STH 30

STH 30

STH30 is an excellent earphone. Apple enthusiasts would almost definitely equate this ear-bud to Air-Pods.

Built with an innovative and ergonomic design, these ear-buds integrate 9.2 mm balanced earphone speakers that offer great music performance.

  • P57 Water-proof Stereo earphones.
  • Great sound quality at large volumes


  • Best for audio performance.
  • Universal compatibility.
  • Dynamic 3D sound effect.


  • Not compatible with iPhone, iPad.

7. MDR-EX100AP/L 


These strong, premium quality earbuds are available in a multitude of eye-catching designs, so you can wear them as a stylish statement.

For Android mobile phones, it is designed with simple remote access.

  • Microphone conversation without using hands
  • 9-mm driver units with high-sensitivity
  • Angled-construction of ear-buds
  • Serration Cord


  • Premium sound excellence
  • Stable fitting
  • Tangle-free


  • No volume slider

6. MDREX38iP-EX 

MDREX38iP-EX - Sony Earphones with Mic

These earphones are designed with an iPod remote for settings control. It also has back-up control with an in-line remote control system.

It has ear-buds of the Hybrid form. However, it also includes smooth silicone outside to boost comfort and functionality.

  • Wired Networking Infrastructure
  • Headphones enabled for all iPod devices
  • Remote control designed for Nano, Classic, and Touch
  • 9mm drivers


  • Soft silicone-layer for comfortable use
  • Carrying pouch


  • Tangles quite easily

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5. MDREX110AP 

MDREX110AP - Sony Earphones with Mic

With built-in mic and mobile playback control, you will appreciate its superior sound quality.

The 9 mm driver modules have improved its performance and have enhanced frequency response with its strong bass while the stable fit is assured by the dual silicone ear-buds.

  • 3.94 ft. long cable
  • 5-24,000 Hz frequency response
  • Type of chord is sort-Y
  • Wired technology


  • Perfect for small ears
  • Roughly usable
  • Very cheap


  • Not usable for a long period

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4. Edifier P180

Edifier P180 - Sony Earphones with Mic

The 16 mm neodymium magnet-monomer provides excellent audio. Most people consider them great for listening to music of any sort.

These headphones come with a one-button control system. So, if you’re using it, you can receive and manage calls very easily.

  • Mic/remote is in a comfortable location on the wire
  • Calls and music are easily controllable
  • Stereo Earphones3.5mm


  • No irritating ear-canal
  • One-button control
  • 1-year of warranty


  • Large ear-buds unsuitable for some people


DREX12iP/PNK - Sony Earphones with Mic

With these earphones, you can easily command your iPod and look fashionable and relaxed while wearing it.

These ear-buds fit securely in your ear with a lightweight build and the in-line fast remote control ensure that you have a superb audio experience.

  • In-line microphone
  • Track control
  • Volume control
  • Ear-buds of hybrid-silicone combined with rubber


  • Hands-free calling
  • Voice-over support


  • Inline remote doesn’t work with products other than Apple


MDRXB50AP - Sony Earphones with Mic

This earphone has specially built drivers that offer strong, efficient bass with elevated-energy neodymium magnets that beautifully match modern music.

Its airtight acoustic system offers a high-sound insulation level, which helps to replicate a powerful and prolonged bass response.

  • Tangle-free wire
  • Volume slider
  • Diaphragm genre PET
  • Ultimate dynamic-music


  • Carry-pouch to store
  • Good price
  • Punchy bass


  • Heats up in some cases

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1. MDREX15AP In-Ear with Mic 

MDREX15AP In-Ear with Mic - Sony Earphones with Mic

These earphones deliver excellent sound and come with a premium built-in mic. It also provides mobile replay power to complement your design.

Its 9mm driver units offer strong bass while the dual silicone ear-buds have comfortable positioning and a two-tone style in color.

  • Integrated playback access by microphone and mobile
  • Wired connectivity
  • Highly-energized neodymium magnets


  • Secured, comfortable fit
  • Powerful sound
  • Y-type cord


  • Thin wires

These Sony Earphones with Mic deliver the best features in terms of portability and lightweight. They are designed to fit in your ear and isolate sounds so that you can just hear the music. In some designs, however, bass response may be low, particularly those that match poorly with your ear canal. Hence, this article has listed the best ones to help you choose the right one.

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