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Sony Headphone Amplifiers
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A headphone amplifier can come with different features. With an analog input, you would have a traditional source to the plugin. But most of the recent amplifiers come with DAC already built inside. If you prefer listening to downloaded music, then this would be perfect. Take a look at our selected Sony headphone amplifiers below, one of them might offer exactly what you need.

Best Sony Headphone Amplifiers in 2021

3. Sony Signature Series Audio Component Amplifier

Sony Signature Series Audio Component Amplifier

The Signature Series from Sony has a digital amplifier but it can prove to be a little overpowering for the electrical load. So you also have an analog amplifier thrown into the mix that can balance out the distortion.

This Sony amplifier works as not only a DAC but also as a pre-amplifier. There are multiple ports that can fit almost any headphone you might own.


– Universal design (compatible with all headphones)

– Clear and well-refined sounds

– Compliant DAC controls

– Sturdy build

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2. Sony PHA-3 Headphone Amp

Sony PHA-3 Headphone Amp

Sony PHA-4 is a well-detailed amplifier that can offer higher frequency reach on your preferred songs. The amplifier has a battery that can charge the audio circuits more smoothly.

The PHA-3 is one of the more compact amplifiers you would find on the market. It’s also pretty light, so you can easily carry it around.


– Highly compatible

– Compact and lightweight

– Defined presentation

1.SONY PHA-2 Headphone Amplifier

SONY PHA-2 Headphone Amplifier

The PHA-2 has a DAC/AMP combination. It comes with a built-in battery that offers around 6 hours of playback time. So you get a portable amplifier with wide compatibility.

The amplifier has silicone bands and rubber rails on the sides. The aluminum construction guarantees longevity.


– Great built and design

– Fine level adjustments

– 3 different USB ports

Pick your Sony amplifier depending on what each of them has to offer. You can focus on portability if you want to plug in your headphones while being on the road.

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