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Sony MDR 222KD Review

Sony MDR-222KD

Sony MDR-222KD is also known as a Micro dynamic receiver. They are children’s headphones that are perfectly sized to ensure that your kid will enjoy the music without putting the children into the hearing risk. They will come with some protective features, such as a volume limiting feature. You will also pair to limitless devices. They are relatively cheap and will only cost you $15. The audio quality is also amazing. They have a similar design to the Walkman’s headphones. Their earpads have foam for comfortability and will come in a variety of colors such as light pink, shiny pink with accents, and a black headband or an overall black model. Its adjustable headband is ideal since it will adjust to fit small children. The headband will adjust well to fit even adults.d

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Technical specifications

  • Weight is 1.83 oz
  • The form factor is one ear
  • Sound output mode is Stereo
  • The frequency response of 14Hz
  • Dynamic technology
  • Wired connectivity
  • Magnetic material is Ferrite
  • The impedance of 71 Ohm
  • PET diaphragm
  • Mini-phone stereo 3.5mm connector

Advantages of Sony MDR-222KD

  • Appropriate size and weight for children around age eight
  • Lower volume level than standard headphones
  • Adjustable headband
  • Foam earpads
  • Single-sided cable for fewer tangles
  • Standard 3.5mm stereo plug for wide compatibility

The general design

Sony is a well-known name of the headphone market and other electronics in general. The fact is that sony will company offer some of the greatest variety of headphones and other electronics in the area. Sony will produce these with sets of headphones in almost every color, shape, and size. Sony company has developed a new pair of headphones that are specifically for the little kids, and these headphones are known as the Sony MDR-222KD Headphones.

These headphones are pint-sized and will let your children and little ones enjoy music with convenience without putting their hearing capabilities at risk by employing some volume limiting features. Another advantage is that you will easily pick a pair up without costing you much money. These headphones will only cost you back $15. Their Audio quality is quite nice and but not unless your child is an audiophile in-training, they will not matter at all.

These Sony MDR-222KD headphones feature a very similar in design and characteristics to the original Sony Walkman headphones. They are similar from right down to the cheap plastic frame and foam earpads that are extremely comfortable. However, they will offer a modicum point of style. The advantage is that these headphones will come in a choice of colors that will include a light pink color that is very attractive and will come with a shiny pink accenting and a black headband. You will also have an all or an all-black model that will feature with minor silver accents. These headbands are extremely adjustable, and you will easily adjust them down to extra-small size, which is ideal for children.

The advantage is that the headbands will adjust to a large size that is well enough to fit most adult heads without breaking them. These headphones will also have plenty of giving and other benefits; first, they will put a very minimal amount of pressure on the ears, and the materials making the headphones are all lightweight and soft. And they are hence making these headphones ideal and comfortable during extended hours of wearing.

As one may generally expect from $15 headphones, these Sony MDR-222KD’s audio performance is pretty not good. The Bass level is almost absent, but it is understandable since they are meant for children. Another thing is that the earphones will somehow seem to drop out the mids for a lot of songs, especially the hip-hop and classic rock, notably). Generally, Overall, music sounds experience about these headphones is somehow hollow. On the other plus side, there will be no background hiss, and certain songs acoustic rock and pop) sound just fine.

Sony MDR-222KD

Most frequently asked questions about Sony MDR-222KD headphones

  • Will these Sony MDR-222KD fit an adult?

Yes they will fit adults, but they will not do open far enough to fit an adult, You will find the actual earpiece is a little smaller than adults, but it does fit comfortably without any form of discomfort

  • Will I use Sony MDR-222KD with a kindle HD?

Yes, You will use these Sony MDR-222KD with any device that has a 1/8” headphone jack

  • Does it work with Apple iPad?

Yes, Sony MDR-222KD will be compatible with Apple iPads, They will perfectly do, but the low power amps in most tablets will make the Sony MDR-222KD headphones too quiet.

  • Can Sony MDR-222KD b use for an MP3 player?

Yes, you will use the Sony MDR-222KD headphones on your MP3 player as long as the jacks are compatible with the headphones.

  • Can these headphone jacks fit into a mophie charging case?

Yes, the headphones will perfectly fit into the mophie charging case.

  • Will these fit a three-year-old?

Yes, the headphones will perfectly fit on a three-year kid, but close supervision from an adult is recommended to avoid any form of mishandling that will cause injury or bodily harm.

  • Are these headphones wireless?

No, these are not wireless headphones. They will come with a cord since they are recommended for use by kids and small children.

  • Do these Sony MDR-222KD have “volume limited for safety” capabilities?

Yes, these headphones will come with an inbuilt-in volume limiter. This will ensure No matter how loud the source music is turned up, these headphones will keep the volume levels at a safe listening level that will not cause any form of hearing harm to your kid. This feature and their smaller size, making them suitable for children.

Just as adults, kids will love listening to music, and that is why Sony company invented these Sony MDR-222KD headphones. These wired headphones will come with features that will make them ideal for use by children without causing any form of hearing harm. The volume level control will ensure that no matter how loud the music is, the levels of the music will not go up to alarming levels. Also, the materials making these headphones are extremely lightweight and comfortable.

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