Sony MDR7506
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Sony MDR7506 Review

For music lovers, the equipment that they listen to their music on holds just as much importance as the music itself. High-quality audiophile headphones do not come cheap though. You either sacrifice sound quality or pay a premium if you want something that sounds great. But at a time where competition if ever-increasing in the headphone sector, the Sony MDR7506 is a great option for someone looking to buy over-ear headphones that sound great but also have a reputed brand name behind them.

With its great track record over the years, the Japanese company has churned out excellent product a while. So, what about their Sony MDR7506 model of headphones? How do they stack up against other offerings from their competitors at the same price point? Well, this review will give you an in-depth review of the build quality and how it sounds. Without further to do let’s jump in starting with what you get in the box.

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Sony MDR7506


The unboxing experience with these Sony MDR-7506 is just as you would expect from a brand name like Sony. The box is transparent in the front showcasing the over-ear headphones. Right from the get-go and the minute you pick up the packaging you can feel the materials used for the packaging is quality.

The contents inside are however not that full-featured. You get your headphones and a ¼ adapter along with a high-quality pound which is an addition you can get by paying extra. Overall, we quite like the MDR-7506’s packaging but the contents inside the box leave a bit to be desired.

Design and Quality

The MDR-7506 has been in Sony’s lineup for quite a while now. Even though it does not turn any heads for its design the look and the quality of these headphones have made a name for itself. The materials are plastic but these are high-quality plastic. We did not hear and creaks when handling the headphones which are a testament to the build quality of these. For the price, the build is absolutely solid and instills confidence that these are sure to last a long time.

Being made from plastic also adds the benefit of being relatively lightweight. You can listen to these for a long time and it should not be tiring and can be easily rested on your neck when not in use. Even if we admire the build-quality of these, we can’t say the same for the design. The design language is dated and with newer modern looking headphones out there, these might not be everyone’s cup of tea. But if you are in the market for something that looks classy and retro, these will be just right up your alley. Apart from this, one great feature that adds to its portability is these are foldable.

You can fold these when not in use and chuck them in the carrying pouch and take these anywhere with you. There more good news though, the ear cups are aluminum, and the headbands are also made from metal under the padding and add a bit of premium touch. Speaking of the padding, we didn’t think the padding was the most comfortable amongst other options out there. But since the clamping force of these weren’t too harsh, this was a non-issue.

We quite like the retro look of the Sony MDR-7506 with its dark color scheme and solid build-quality even if it lacks some flair. There have been some concerns regarding the durability of these especially when it comes to the ear pads. Customers have reported that the earpads do not last as long and the hinges tend to break. However, the earpads are easily replaceable and the users have not seen any problem with their pair of these headphones and that leads us to believe those complaints were one-offs.

Sony MDR7506


These very much redeem themselves when it comes to the sound, which in our books is the most important aspect of any headphones. You might not be the stylish kid on the block while rocking these, but you will surely be having some good sounding headphones on your ears. The sound signature of these is very detailed, to say the least. You will hear every little nuance of a track when playing with them.

This type of clarity and detail is not to everyone’s taste, we have to give it to these headphones – if there are any hiss or compression problems with the track you will hear it. As for the bass heads out there, you can rejoice. Even having a detailed and wide frequency range, the and the low ends are some commendable. It is sharp and charmingly deep that does not feel too overwhelming.

With a sensitivity of 106 dB/W/m, the Sony MDR7506 are some of the better sounding closed-back over-ear dynamic headphones you can find right now at a reasonable price. Let’s also not forget the fact that these are noise-isolation. It manages to drain out outside noise effortlessly and will keep you happy despite these not being active noise-canceling headphones. We feel like the closed-back nature of these headphones helps in managing to not leak sounds of the tracks you’re listening to from escaping and gives you privacy while you are enjoying your tunes.

Closed-back noise-canceling over-ear headphones are some of the most popular categories that music lovers tend to shop for to enjoy all their tracks. There are quite a lot of options in the market but if you have around $100 to spend, these Sony MDR7506 are a solid choice despite not looking the most stylish. The above-average build coupled with the wide range sound signature and good isolation makes these an easy recommendation from us.

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