Sony MDRV6 Headphone Review
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Sony MDRV6 Headphone Review

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Do you need one of the best closed-back headphones with great sound? Look no further than the classic Sony MDRV6 headphone. You can wear it for hours while enjoying a well-balanced yet crisp sound. But compared to other models with the same price and design, is it mobile-friendly? Find out here!

Sony MDRV6 Headphone Design

Sony MDRV6 Headphone Review

The Sony MDRV6 is not a spring chicken anymore and is close to thirty years old. So why review these classic headphones compared to other modern models? The main reason is that we have reviewed the famous MDR-7506 sibling and compared the two of them with other midrange earphones available. While the earphones received excellent ratings over the years, we thought it would become less competitive with some of the latest designs available. The truth, we were amazed by the sound and comfort the cans have to offer. For starters, you get the MDR-V6 in a lightweight transparent box with red satin fabric.

The display takes you back to the 80s, and in your hand it weighs eight ounces. The whole structure is plastic but still feels durable. On the outer earcups, you have metal with the 40mm drivers inside. The rated impedance is 63 ohm, and you can replace the ear pads that sell at a reasonable price. Compared to the latest pair of earphones, the racetrack-shaped earpads and headband are not thickly padded. However, once over your head and ears it is comfortable for hours of listening.

You get a coiled ten-foot cable that you cannot remove, and it does lack an in-line mic/remote. You get a nice 3.5mm plug with 6.3mm screw-on adapter plug included. When it comes to size, it folds up in a small bundle, and we found the hinges durable. Another great feature is the right and left color-coded markings located on each earcup. To keep the headphones protected, you get a black vinyl case included with a 90-day warranty.

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Sony MDRV6 Headphone Performance

The best one-word description we have for the Sony MDRV6 is BALANCE. The headphones do well with everything you play from the bass, midrange to treble. You get a spacious sound making it easier to listen to your favorite tunes for hours. Even noise isolation is decent, and there is no sound leakage present. Our first test was comparing the MDR-V6 with the MDR-R1 model from Sony. The latter has more bass that is less detailed and softer.

We preferred the clarity of the MDRV6, while the MDR-R1 does look more attractive with a refined feel and comfortable to wear as well. But for listening, we recommend the MDR-V6 that is better compared to the ATHM50 from Audio Technica that is a famous brand that is hard to beat. However, Sony gave a good fight, but the M50 gives more oomph while the MDRV6 is better at low frequencies. The ATHM50 offers you more body in the midrange with instruments and vocals.

Furthermore, Sony gives you a more transparent sound while the M50 offers you less forward treble that we like. The high frequencies on the MDR-V6 are brighter but can become annoying. Comparing the headphone with the MDR-7506 was exciting as both look identical but sound different. The V6 gives more bass sound while the MDR-7506 is a bit leaner with the treble range accentuated. You get a laid-back feeling with the V6, but the MDR-7506 is crisper and livelier.

Our last comparison was with the budget-friendly Noontec Zoro that also has a lean sound.

Sony MDRV6 Headphone Specs

  • Color: Black
  • Cord Type: Wired
  • Extras: Stereo Dynamic Sound
  • Form Factor: Closed-back
  • Included: Carrying Case with an audio cable attached and stereo adapter
  • Noise Isolation: Yes
  • Warranty: 90-days

Sony MDRV6 Headphone Pros and Cons

What we like:

  • Great sound
  • Comfortable
  • Well-balanced with crisp sound

What we do not like:

  • Lacks an inline remote/mic

Should You Buy It?

Yes, if you want professional studio headphones, we can recommend the Sony MDRV6. You can enjoy listening to audio without the interference of the outside world. You get added isolation with the oval earpads, and the wire attached is oxygen-free copper for the best conductivity without the noise. The earphone is comfortable to wear with the padded headband and earcups. To top it all, it has a foldable design with a storage case included.

Our Verdict

What thrills us is that Sony did not change or even try to improve the MDRV6 headphones. A fact is that not every product needs an upgrade every year or few years. The earphones offer you great sound, and a fact is that audiophiles are still buying these headphones. Compared to the MDR-7506 sibling there is a difference in the sound. You get a fuller bass using the V6, but the MDR-7506 is a bit leaner. The vocals sound immediate with an accentuated treble range.

Furthermore, you get a more relaxed sound using the V6 while the sounds alive and crunchy with the MDR-7506. So if you enjoy a more relaxed sound you will find using the MDRV6 pleasing. However, both the headphones are excellent, offering you distinct sonic differences. Personally, it all comes down to your listening experience when deciding which one to buy. So what would we change in honesty nothing as you get the best studio monitor headphones that have withstood time with money well spent?

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