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Sony MDRZX110: Best Headphones under $20

There are two kinds of people. Some buy or just want to buy, the very best headphones. They want the best sounding gears for an immersive experience whenever they are gaming, watching movies, or listening to music. The other type goes for the cheapest headphones. For them, sound quality hardly matters. They just want to buy that headphone to achieve a higher level of privacy when they are watching movies or talking over face-time. Or maybe, they want to buy headphones in a bulk for their office or a conference. I think you already guessed for which group this review is. The Sony MDRZX110 is a great headphone that comes under twenty dollars! It is dirt cheap and if someone falls in the second category mentioned above, we recommend they get this one. But among all the cheap picks, why this one? Let us find out now!

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Sony MDRZX110

Sony MDRZX110

Product Description

The Sony MDRZX110 is definitely an entry-level headphone and it is one of the cheapest headphones you will find in the market. It is one of the biggest reasons that this headphone is one of the most sold Sony headphones. However, it is quite astonishing that even after this, Sony is still including a lot of features to this that some expensive headphones do not come with.

For example, you are getting amazing 30mm neodymium drivers. But at such a price, the presence of neodymium is very uncommon. These drivers are quite lightweight. However, they provide a rich, loud output.

Again, you are getting a wide frequency range that spans from 12 Hz to 22 kHz. With that, you will be getting more clarity in the lows and highs. With this feature, you will not have to tolerate crazy distortions anymore.

It is very uncommon to find these features in a device that costs less than twenty dollars. This is one of the reasons that we find the Sony MDRZX110 amazing.

Sony MDRZX110

These headphones have a weak bass. Truth be told, no one expects bass depth from a cheap pair of headphones. However, things do get better. The mids are decent. And the treble is pretty good. Unless you push these headphones to their limits, they will provide you a distortion-free sound quality.

You will also get an in-line remote and a mic. This addition will allow you to take important calls without having to put off your headphones. The mic has a decent quality. But if you are in a noisy environment, make sure you cover up the mic for a noise-free input.

The headphones are quite comfortable. They are lightweight and there is minimum clamp force. Again, the ear cups are self-adjusting. You can wear them for one hour straight without facing any issues. However, headphones can get suffocating, especially on-ear ones, and it is better to put them off once in a while.

You can enjoy gaming, movies, and music with these headphones to some extent. However, they are definitely the best choice for office work, conference, or any other situation where you have to buy tons of headphones at once. These headphones have a classic black look, so they will fit into any scenario, no matter how formal it is.

Product Design and Quality

The headphones are made of plastic, exactly what you would expect at such a price point. The outer surface of the ear cups gives off the impression of a metallic finish. Although it is imitation only, it looks pretty decent.

Due to the full plastic build, the headphone is pretty light. However, it is not flimsy at all. There are bits of metal in the hinges though. The swivel design keeps the ear cup joints from breaking from external force or pressure. Overall, the build quality is very satisfying.

Another thing is the cable quality. The cable is one of the strongest points of this product. They are very durable and sturdy. They end with an L plug. This plug design will keep your cables from protruding when you connect them to devices such as your phone or MP3 and put them in your pocket.

Sony MDRZX110

The ear cups of these headphones have the swivel design. You can bend them ninety degrees and fold them up whenever you want to carry them. This provides great portability and you can carry them in your bag easily.

These are on-ear headphones, something people are not a fan of. And trust me, there are reasons to hate on-ear headphones. Even so, the Sony MDRZX110 headphones have cushioned ear pads and the ear cups are self-adjusting. This will give you more comfort than the standard ones.

Overall, the product is nothing if you compare it to the high-end headphones. However, at this price point, it offers more than we could ever ask for.

The product comes with a warranty for three months. The warranty will come in handy if the product is found faulty on the purchase, or if it gets damaged in that period.

Product Features

  • 30mm Neodymium drivers for good sound quality
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Swivel designed ear cups for enhanced portability
  • Can cover a wide range of frequency
  • Tangle-free, high-quality cable

The Sony MDRZX110 is definitely a good set of headphones. But it is not for everyone, especially if you are looking for enthusiast-class headphones. However, it will work for most people.

The overall quality and the build is decent enough. If you are saving up money for getting a beast headphone, but you need one right now, you can get the Sony MDRZX110 for the time being. It will serve the primary purpose for a cheap price.

Do we recommend the Sony MDRZX110 headphones? Yes, we do. They have a sleek outlook, nothing too flashy. And the sound quality is pretty decent, and obviously the best in the price range. You can go for them without any hesitation.

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