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Why should You Pick Sony Products?

Sony Products

Starting with Japan’s first tape recorder introduced way back in 1950, Sony products have indeed come a long way from its humble beginnings. The pioneer of the Walkman, which is undoubtedly one of the most popular and revered portable audio players, Sony has also ventured into the headphone and professional audio industry. With a pedigree of a company like Sony’s, you can be sure to get some top-class products – no matter the product category.

For someone who is just a fan of high-quality premium sounding headphones and home theatre systems, Sony is a great choice. And this article is going to give you a detailed breakdown of why you should pick Sony products.

Essentially, Sony is a manufacturer of a wide range of audio products, starting from noise-canceling headphones to home theatres and audio accessories. Here is a list of the complete audio product categories that Sony offers and continues to innovate in:

  1. Headphones
  2. Wireless Speakers
  3. Speakers
  4. MP3 Players
  5. High-Resolution Audio
  6. 360 Reality Audio gear
  7. Full Audio Systems
  8. Home Theatres
  9. Audio Accessories

Sony has more or less every category of audio solution covered. The great thing is these are not even mediocre products. These are some of the highest quality audio products, which we will take a deep dive into.

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Starting off with Headphones

One of Sony’s bread and butter when it comes to audio is its headphones line, which comprises headbands, in ears, and truly wireless audio products.


Sony’s headbands are designed to perform the best. From superb drivers with high sensitivity to design and comfort, these are some of the top audio products around.

Key Feature of Sony Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphone:

sony products

  • The Sensitivity of Headphone Drive

Audio engineers refer to sensitivity in terms of how loud the headphone volume gets at a certain power level. Naturally, the higher the sensitivity, the louder the headphones will be. These are measured in dB, and Sony has sensitivity ratings on its headphones that hover around the 90 – 100 dB, which is considered the higher end of the spectrum.

  • Frequency Response

Frequency response, on the other hand, measures the bass and treble prowess of the headbands. The typical range is from 5 to 20,000 Hz. Here, the lowest number is representative of the bass level while the highest one is treble. Sony’s headbands can produce lower frequencies than 5 Hz and go more than 20,000 on the high-end.

  • Impedance

Impedance is the measurement of electric current transmitted by the amplifier. Headphones with low impedance work well with mobile devices. For example, high impedance is better for at-home listening with amplifiers. Sony’s range is quite vast, with different impedance ratings (measured in Ohms) for any situation.

  • Design and Comfort

Let’s face it, design and comfort are important for something you want to have on your head all day. With its super comfortable cushioning and plush ear cups, wearing most Sony headbands is a complete joy.

  • Who Is It For?

Sony headbands are some of the most versatile ones in the market. If you consider yourself an audiophile or just a casual listener who likes good quality headphones, Sony has exactly what you want. Sony’s WH-1000XM3 and MDR-1000X, for example, along with many other models, are quite the performers.

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Key Feature of Sony Gaming Headset

Key Feature of Sony Gaming Headset

With gaming gaining tremendous popularity, Sony has joined the race to compete with products like the PlayStation Gold and DR-GA500. And they are here to make a name for themselves.

  • SoundStage for Gaming

If you think about it, just like games, the sound stage of gaming headphones should be immersive. It should pull you into the action. Fortunately, for Sony’s gaming headset products, its sound stages achieve exactly that by delivering clear and immersive tones with rich detail at every note.

  • Noise Isolation

The PlayStation Gold has superb noise cancellation that isolates outside noise and keeps you immersed in the game.

  • Ear Cup

The overall comfortable ear cups ensure that you can keep on gaming for extended periods of time. The ear cups are well cushioned and very breathable, giving you some of the best listening experience you could expect.

  • Mic Quality

One of the cherished experiences is gaming with your friends. With Sony’s high-quality mic, your friends get to hear you loud and clear.

  • Who Is It For?

Whether you are a PlayStation owner (which is also a Sony product) or a PC gamer, you can use Sony’s high-quality gaming headsets for gaming comfortably for hours with premium sound quality.

Key Features of Sony In-Ear Headphone

Key Features of Sony In-Ear Headphone

For portability and superior audio quality, in-ear headphones are worth looking into. They are a high-quality and comfortable pair of earbuds with a wide ear tip size option.

  • Passive Noise Cancelling

Since Sony’s in-ear headphones give you a great fit, you can expect superb passive noise cancellation. Passive noise cancellation is achieved with a snug and tight fit with your headphones and your ears. They keep the outside noise out, and you can stay immersed in your music. These are great for portable in-ear headphones for people who want a light and easy to carry earbuds. Starting at $20, some models can go all the way up to $1,700 for someone looking for the best of the best.

  • Frequency Response

Depending on the model of the headphone, you can get a range of headphones with great frequency response numbers. Whether you want deep bass or sharp high ends, Sony’s in-ears are great.

  • The Sensitivity of Headphone Driver

The high sensitivity of these headphones ensures that they are loud and clear. You can find sensitivity ratings ranging in the 100 dB mark. High-end in-ear headphones such as the IER-M9 have a sensitivity of 103 dB/mW. For the super high-end audiophiles out there, you can check out the IER-Z1R Signature Series for high-quality drivers and the same high sensitivity.

  • Impedance

Easy to drive and perfect sounds, these low impedance headphones come in around 20 ohms for portable listening. It can go all the way up to 40 ohms for at-home listening. A great sweet spot for listeners is the Sony WI-1000XM2 in-ear wireless headphones. Although not everyone may be a fan of the band, there are other options for you without the band called true wireless. More on that a bit later!

  • Design and Comfort

The fit of these headphones is very snug and comfortable. Whether you go wireless or wired, you are sure to find these to be some of the most comfortable headphones out there. These are lightweight with great audio quality. So, listening to these for extended periods of time will be no problem.

  • Battery Life

For wireless headphones, battery life is a major deciding factor to consider. You can’t use the headphones all day if the battery life is terrible, no matter how comfortable they are. Well, fortunately for you, Sony headphones have great battery life ranging anywhere between 8 to 15 hours of use.

  • Who Is It For?

For anyone looking for highly portable headphones, either wired or wireless, Sony’s in-ears are a great option that does not skimp on audio fidelity. They are easy to carry around and do not take much power to drive. No matter what your preferences are, the wide range of in-ear headphones available in different price ranges ensure that you find the perfect pair.

Truly Wireless

Truly Wireless

Wireless has become all the rage nowadays in the audio scene. With so many phone manufacturers removing the headphone jack, the demand for wireless headphones and quality of these have gone up.

What Makes It “Truly Wireless”?

Not all ‘wireless’ headphones are truly wireless. Truly wireless headphones are defined by one feature – well, rather a lack thereof. They do not have a cord or a band connecting the two buds. Sony has a robust line of truly wireless headphones that boast impressive sounds and superb designs. The Sony WF-1000MX3 wireless, for example, features noise-canceling and crisp sound of top class.

What Makes It Different From In-Ear Wireless?

As mentioned before, truly wireless headphones are defined by the lack of a wire connecting the two earbuds. This provides you with both transportability and general ease of use. Since they do not have a wire, all the controls are on the earbuds themselves. Not only that, but they also offer innovative interfacing features. Touchpads are the primary way of interacting with these buds. This form of controlling your headphones is futuristic and easy – not to mention, quite fun.

There is no need to fiddle with a cord and find the play or pause buttons either. Just tap the back of the headphones to control the play/pause or skip to the next track. Some even automatically pause the song when you take one of the headphones out of your ears. Innovative and a great joy to use, truly wireless headphones make for a great audio experience.

What Makes Truly Wireless Better Than Other In-Ears?

Having no wire connecting them opens up the opportunity to do more, and more innovative features can be integrated into the product. There are some major benefits of cutting the cord for good and embracing the truly wireless philosophy.

No Pesky Wires to Deal With

One of the major advantages and, perhaps the key reason, that makes truly wireless headphones special compared to in-ears is the lack of the wire. With the lack of the wire, there is just one thing less to deal with. You are free to move around without having to worry about an intrusive wire being a burden. Once you try these out, it is quite hard to go back.

Great for Physically Activity Music Lovers

If you work out or are just physically active, you will love the maneuverability of truly wireless headphones. These earbuds give you more flexibility while working out or when out for a jog. The snug and tight fit ensure that the headphones stay put in your ears. Apart from jamming to your favorite music during workouts, you can wear these for classes or while driving and enjoy your music to its full potential.

Stylish and Innovative Design

Innovation in the truly wireless headphone segment has increased a lot – that is overall great news for you, the consumer. Sony has introduced products like the WF-1000MX3 or the WF-XB700 Extra BassTM for anyone who loves heart-thumping bass.

There are also other added features like long battery life and water-resistance all without sacrificing the sound quality. All of these have the signature crisp and clear Sony sound.


Sony’s prowess in making audio gear trickles down to its accessories as well. Their headphone amplifiers and headphone cables are some of the best in the market. Before we take a deep dive, let’s get into what a headphone amplifier is, and why you need one in the first place.

Headphone Amplifiers

headphone amplifiers

If you want to squeeze some extra performance out of your headphones, a headphone amplifier is exactly the thing you need. At the heart of it, headphone amplifiers are a device that delivers power to your headphones (obviously). They raise the lower voltage from your device, which can then be converted by your headphones.

There is one special thing to note, though. Although it is true that a better amplifier can increase the sound quality of your headphones, it is only capable of doing so up to a certain degree. At some point, you will be held back by your headphone’s limits.

What is a Headphone Amplifier? Why Do You Need It?

All digital devices usually already have an amplifier built-in. Right now, you might be wondering, why do you need one if there is already one included, free of cost? The biggest reason why so many people invest in additional headphone amplifiers is for the simple fact that all amplifiers are not made equal. Not all devices hold audio quality to high regard. Therefore, if you are investing in high-end headphones, at some point, it is also wise to invest in an amplifier to get the most out of your brand-new Sony headphones.

Key Features of Sony Headphone Amplifier:

Sony Headphone Amplifier

If you are looking for a high-quality amplifier to go with your new Sony headphones, you can check out the Sony PHA-1A USB DAC amplifier. Here are some of the key features that make it worth it.


This portable and premium designed headphone amplifier is easy to carry around. You’ll love the design and the overall look of it. It can decode PCM digital signals up to 24-bit/192kHz. That is great news for hi-res music enthusiasts. The battery life is great, giving you up to 6 hours of listening experience. When you do run out of charge, though, you can just simply plug it in and charge it up.


Small and compact in design, this is incredibly easy to carry around. Even if your device does not come with the best amplifier, you can carry Sony’s range of headphone amplifiers anywhere with you. Do not miss a chance to jam out to your favorite tunes anywhere.

Sound Quality

At the end of the day, the sound quality is what it comes down to. This being a Sony product, you should not expect anything less than the best. Needless to say, we weren’t disappointed. Apart from the option to convert PCM digital audio sources up to 24-bit/192kHz, it has a frequency range between 10 to 10,000 Hz and an insane impedance of 8 – 600 ohms.

Who Is It For?

If you are a true sound fanatic or just a casual listener who wants more out of your headphones, a headphone amplifier is a great way to get a better performance. There are high-end amplifiers, although a bit pricey, that can be used by professionals who need nothing less than the best out there. You can also get an amplifier for when you are home and want to listen to music better all while having the portability of just your built-in device amplifier when you are out and about.

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Headphone Cable

headphone extension cable

There is no denying that wireless headphones are all the rage now. Having said that, for some, a good quality wired headphone with a solid wired connection is irreplaceable. There are some tangible benefits of wired headphones to this day at the cost of a bit of convenience in having to deal with a wire. You get better audio quality and a higher bit rate as well. Wired headphones also forego the risk of interference of radio signals since they are wired. There is, of course, no need to worry about the battery life of your headphones either.

If you are going to make the most of your wired headphones, after the headphones themselves, it all starts with the headphone cable.

Why Should You Gave a Good Quality Headphone Cable?

There is raging debate about whether higher quality cable actually does improve the sound quality and listening experience of headphones. A good cable made from premium material can, in fact, have some impact on the sound quality. At the very least, they do increase durability. There are a couple of components that go into making the cable good. Connectors, outer jacket, shielding, and conductor materials are all important components that play a role in the quality of the overall headphone cable.

These can have an impact on the quality of the audio, and many with keen ears report overall improvements in the audio quality by using better cables.

What Makes Sony Headphone Cables the Best?


Sony, as with its other products, makes high-quality headphone cables that are built to last and give you top-notch audio performance. From braided to Y-type cables, you have the option to choose from a large range of high-quality cables. Only high-quality materials like gold-plating and copper with silver make the cut when making these cables, giving you better listening experience.


When it comes to Sony cables, you get to choose the length of the cables too. Go for either a 3.94 ft cable or a longer 6.56 ft cable. So, there will be no more restrictions while using your prized wired headphones.


These are very portable as well. You can easily chuck them in your bag when traveling or use them while at home or out for a jog. Take your high-quality lossless music anywhere with you!


Durability is another concern for cables. The last thing you want is your brand-new cable to fray just after a couple of weeks of use. The use of good materials also gives superior structural support. There are braided options that make the cables robust and long-lasting. The outer covering is comfortable to handle and soft to the touch as well. Improve the sound stage of your already great Sony headphones with these cables.

Sony Walkman

Released in 1979, Sony’s Walkman is a portable music player that has touched the hearts of many audiophiles and music lovers alike. These powerhouse media players have now entered the modern era of technology, and Sony has shown its innovation prowess with its new range of Walkman products. They are used to listening to music all the time, whether it be during workouts or just at home to lay back and relax. With products such as the A100 Walkman Series and WM1Z Walkman Signature series, the company proves time and time again why you should pick Sony products.

Sony boasts a range of MP3 players under their Walkman brand name. There are products for high-quality music enthusiasts and also for someone who just wants an easy way to jam to songs on the go. No matter which model you choose to buy, Sony’s Walkman is defined by a couple of key features.

Features of Sony MP3 Player

Sony MP3 Player


Resolution may seem more relevant when talking about TVs and screens, but in more recent years, high-resolution audio has become more popular than ever before. The purpose of high-res audio is to retain all the details of a song track. High-resolution audio is lossless and retains the full range of sounds when the track is mastered. Sony’s A100 Walkman® A Series or WM1Z Walkman® Signature Series are all high-resolution audio compatible. They give you the ability to listen to the tracks the way they were intended – lossless, high-quality music with great tones. This is one of the most important features of Sony MP3 players under the Walkman brand name.

Sound Quality

The sound quality is directly impacted by the quality of the components and also the playback supported, amongst other things such as high-resolution audio support. For years, Sony’s Walkman MP3 players have been held in high regard for their superb sound quality. Every track is a new experience. From the amp to the DAC, Sony’s engineering is reflected in all of its products, and these MP3 players are no exception.

Battery life

We are sure you can see a pattern by now. Battery life is pretty important for Sony. This makes complete sense, though. No matter how good a product is, if the battery life isn’t good, you are not going to get much use out of it. Sony’s MP3 players perform admirably in the battery department. These provide well over 20 hours of playback depending on the type of codec you use and can go as high as 45 hours for some models.


Memory wise, you get ample storage to store all your music. There is also SD card expandability. Some high-end models like the WM1Z WALKMAN® SIGNATURE SERIES feature a mind-boggling 256 GB of storage.


The great thing is, it manages all of these features without being too bulky. The design is sleek, compact, and easy to hold. If you are on the go, you will appreciate the good build and portability of Sony’s Walkman MP3 players.


Sometimes you just want to blast music in your room and jam to it. Headphones do not cut it at this point. Whether you have a party and want to play music for a crowd of just for yourself, you will need a wireless speaker. Sony’s range of wireless speakers produce crisp sound with deep bass for the size and have some additional features, like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and water resistance. Let’s not forget the lighting effects, either.

Features of Sony Wireless Speaker

Sony Wireless Speaker

Frequency Transmission Range

As we have mentioned before, the frequency range of speakers and audio devices measures the low ends for the bass and the high range for the treble. Sony’s Bluetooth wireless speakers are capable of a wide frequency range that gives you the utmost versatility, no matter what song you wish to play. The speakers have frequency response ranges between 20 to 20,000 Hz, giving you deep bass and crystal-clear high tones.

Sound Quality and Extra Bass ™

Bass junkies can rejoice! If you are a fan of heart-thumping deep bass, you are going to love Sony’s Extra Bass TM feature. This is used to give you deeper bass that you can feel. A proprietary feature for Sony, you can find Extra Bass TM branded audio products all across the company’s product line, including its wireless speakers. Take the club with you anywhere you go with Sony’s portable yet powerful speakers.

Battery life

Keeping in line with its premium audio products, the battery life of Sony’s wireless speakers is nothing to scoff at. The insane battery life of these speakers can go as high as up to 24 hours for some models while some offer a modest 12 hour. Do keep in mind, though, the battery life will slightly deteriorate with Extra Bass TM on.

Wireless Party Chain function

Get more oomph by connecting multiple speakers for a more room-filling sound! Perfect for large areas and parties, Sony’s wireless party chain functionality is a great value addition for speakers, like the SRS-XB41 or SRS-XB31. You can add a total of 100 speakers to really get the sound blasting. The sound signature itself being crisp and loud just makes the whole experience that much nicer.

Multi-Device Connection

You can connect up to 3 devices to your speakers at the same time. The speaker is smart enough to figure which device is playing the audio and outputs accordingly. This is a major convenience for people who hate pairing and repairing devices to their speakers. You can keep all your devices paired and connected at the same time and let the speaker figure out which output it should use. It’s hassle-free and seamless. Do note that you cannot use a Multi-Device connection if you are a wireless party chain.

Beautiful Lighting Effect

Sony tops it all off with some beautiful lighting effects that set the mood of any listening experience. This is a very minor but appreciated touch in our books. It’s always the little details like these that differentiate it from the rest.


Want something to pair with your beautiful Sony TV for the same high-grade audio experience? Sony’s soundbars are a perfect match. They are well designed and look good in almost any room. We might even go as far as saying, they give the room a bit of an uplift. The design of the soundbars is sleek and modern. Sony’s soundbars are perfect for someone who wants to give their home theatre more pizzazz. The installation is easy, and there is no need to deal with pesky wires that ruin the whole clean set up. On top of that, most soundbars have Bluetooth connectivity, so you can connect other devices to it too!

Features of Sony Soundbar

Sony Soundbar

High-Resolution audio

For a listening experience with more detailed and crisp tones, these soundbars can produce high-resolution audio –practically lossless audio, the way it is meant to be heard. Whether you are listening to a concert on these or watching an action movie, you are sure to be entertained.

Dolby Features

Dolby has become a batch of pride in home theatre equipment and with good reason. Dolby’s feature makes whatever content you’re watching much more enjoyable. Sony’s soundbars feature a couple of key Dolby features, such as DTS, Dolby Digital Plus and Atmos. Atmos is truly a revolution in the market. It provides you with clear and immersive sound and follows the action – truly the future of surround sound.

7.1.2ch S-Force PRO Front Surround Technology

A highlight feature of Sony’s soundbars is the 7.1.2 channel S Force Pro Surround sound technology. Surround sound enhances the audio listening experience by adding multiple audio channels. This gives you more immersion and 360-degree listening experience. This 7.1.2 channel surround system is the feature that drives Dolby Atmos’ superior audio listening experience. The Sony HT-X9000F soundbar is one of the more balanced options when it comes to soundbars that feature Dolby Atmos with 7.1.2 channel S Force surround sound. It has two speakers at the front that are capable of doing vertical audio. The feeling of having the sound come from around you is something quite special and one that you have to try out for yourself.

Wireless Multi-room

Just because your soundbar is in a specific room, that does not mean you can’t play music from any other room. Sony has thought of that and introduced its Wireless Multi-Room feature. All you need to do is download the Sony Music center app and connect your soundbars. Play the song from your smartphone, and voila! You are listening to music all around the house. You can also play music from the PC and even music streaming services. A cool feature of the Sony Music center is that you can play different tracks for different soundbars. Of course, you can use them all to play the same song as well.

Be it for a top-notch home theatre or for the look of a soundbar, Sony’s offerings are some of the best in the market. They are super durable and high quality with the tried and true Sony sound. The additional features, such as Dolby Atmos, just makes things even better.

Strong Point of Sony

For a company that started out by selling tape recorders in 1950, Sony has come pretty far. One of the biggest producers of headphones, they are loved by their users. A part of the reason so many people love the company and think that their products are some of the best you can buy is the history and, of course, their pedigree. They were the first to make the world’s first multi-channel integrated amplifier with automatic phase – matching technology.

With innovation after innovation, there are a couple of things Sony stands out for in their products. Reviewers and tech publications revere Sony’s audio equipment, and time and time again have favored Sony products without any hesitation. It is also in the top spot when it comes to high-quality reliable audio equipment manufacturers.

Their product categories are also very well thought out, with offerings that work well as an ecosystem. You can find almost anything you want all under one brand. Sony has headbands, in-ear headphones, truly wireless headphones, wireless speakers, home theatre speakers, and soundbars. Some feature options, such as Wireless Party Chain Function, in the case of wireless speakers, for example. This allows you to get multiple speakers connected to each other and act as one. This increases the volume and loudness. So, the products all work in harmony.

Here are some more factors that make Sony so great:

Build and Design

Making headphones and speakers is easy. However, making headphones and speakers that are not only designed beautifully but also built to last is where the true challenge lies. Sony’s headphones are some of the most well-built products in the market, and they instill the confidence that they will last you a long time. Not only are they durable, but they also nail the comfortability factor. Albeit not all headphones indeed achieve the same level of comfort, many of the audio gears are comfortable and can be used for longer periods without much strain – this is something not many can say about their headphones.

Sony’s WH-1000XM3 wireless on-ear headphones and their WF-1000XM3 True Wireless headphones are some examples of such engineering. Reviewers have praised these time and time again for their exceptional sound quality, top-notch build and design, and comfort.

Technological Innovation


Sony has always been at the forefront of audio innovation with its products. It adopted Dolby Atmos with its 7.1.2 channel surround sound. Its drivers in the products are all very good. Sony has something called DSEE (Digital Sound Enhancement Engine). It expands the sound stage of wireless headphones by trying to add more details to your tracks. The potent punch that some of Sony’s headphones pack can be attributed to DSEE.

They also have their proprietary Bluetooth codec that is designed to give a better sound with Bluetooth connectivity. It achieves this by using bandwidth and date. LDAC is great for transmitting higher bitrate audio without compressing it. This level of innovation is one of the main reasons why you should pick Sony products. Another key selling point of the headphones is the SENSE ENGINE. This is Sony’s top of the line noise cancellation, which is another top reason why so many prefer Sony. So, what is this “noise cancellation” and how exactly does this work?

Noise Canceling

Noise-canceling, in simple terms, just refers to the property that some headphones have, which allow them to weed out ambient sound. This feature lets you completely enjoy your music without distractions and be immersed in it. There are two primary forms of noise cancellation, namely active noise cancellation and passive noise cancellation. Passive noise cancellation happens without an effort through just a tight and snug seal of the earbuds to the ear. Active noise cancellation is where all the rage and innovation come to play. Active noise cancellation does not cancel or tune out all kinds of noise, however. They are capable of identifying a constant sound, which can be the hum of a train or the sound of an air conditioner.

The keyword to look for is ‘active.’ The headphones are actively blocking out ambient noise by using its microphone. The microphone analyses the sound pattern of incoming noise and then generates its own to counter it, which is called anti-noise. Due to this, noises like car honks, voices, and other irregular sounds are not canceled out. With the Sense Engine, Sony’s headphones can check for any breaks in the seal of the ear cups around your ears with the help of sonar pulses. They actively listen to the surrounding ambient noise and adjust the levels of cancellation based on real-time solutions.

Over the years, Sony’s noise cancellation has gotten extremely good, and tech reviews and audiophiles alike show their praise for their best headphones openly. For many audiophiles, good noise cancellation is at the top of the priority list when buying headphones. They want to be immersed in the music and not be distracted by the outside world. That is why Sony products are their go-to, when in search of some of the best and innovative noise cancellation in the market. Besides, audio quality is equally as important. And Sony shines here too.

High Sound Quality

This is a no brainer. At the end of the day, the reasons why you buy a headphone include a combination of a couple of things. There are design and comfort, extra features like wireless, noise cancellation and water-resistant and, of course, the most important thing – sound quality. The sound quality is what makes or breaks a headphone or any audio equipment listening experience. It is not just the drivers themselves, but also balanced sensitivity of the drivers and as well the impedance.

It is how it all works together to give the listener the best experience they can get. With experience over such a long time in audio equipment manufacturing, Sony has mastered the art of producing headphones and audio equipment that simply sound great. They have invented the Walkman MP3 players. So, you can tell that they know a thing or two about manufacturing speakers and headphones. As mentioned earlier, with the combination of all of its technological innovations and rapid adoption of new technologies such as Dolby Atmos, Sony provides a listening experience that is exactly that – an experience.

Technologies such as Extra Bass TM are testaments to Sony’s way of knowing the market. Many music lovers love a deep thumping bass. This technology helps Sony produce headphones with clear and deep bass that many bass junkies appreciate.

The high-frequency response range in its speakers and headphones also means the high are treated well. Some headphones can go all the way up to 20,000 Hz and more. With its LDAC that manages Bluetooth compression, you can have a better wireless listening experience compared to others. The drivers themselves are great and produce some of the best sounds. The tones are balanced and rich, with equal importance given to the low-end as well as the mids and highs.

Sony’s headphones do, in fact, provide the best sound quality. It’s a balance of high-quality components, some innovative usage of technology, and engineering prowess that goes into making a Sony headphone sound as good as it does. This is how Sony proves time and time again that it knows what it’s doing.

Sony has become a household name in many different categories. The company has made its mark in portable audio players, high-end TVs, game consoles with the PlayStation, and also consumer and professional headphones as well. With its well-rounded range of audio products, Sony covers almost all segments of the market. The moment you get your first Sony headphones, it is quite an experience – from the unboxing to the performance and the overall joy of owning such a high-performance device.

Through its countless innovations over the years and sheer engineering marvel, Sony’s audio products are some of the best in the market right now. Some might be a tad bit curious about the naming scheme that Sony uses. Sony uses the ‘MDR’ to abbreviate Micro Dynamic Range. These headphones use little speaker drivers inside the headphone to create the crisp sound.

WH stands for wireless headphones, whereas anything with an ‘N’ means that it features NFC (Near Field Communication). Now that you are well versed in Sony audio and headphones, you should have a clear idea of why you should pick Sony Products. Go to your nearest store and give it a try for yourself. You might be pleasantly surprised at the quality and clarity of yourself!

Infographic [SONY Standout Headphones Over the History]

SONY Standout Headphones Over the History

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Evolution of Sony Headphone

Sony started operating on 7th May 1946, in Nihonbashi, Tokyo, Japan, after the Second World War came to an end. The company was founded by Akio Morita and Masaru Ibuka. According to Masaru Ibuka, the real reason for creating Sony was to establish an ideal factory. Masaru wanted the factory to emphasize a spirit of freedom and open-mindedness that contributes to Japanese culture.

The company has been built on a passion for sound quality. In addition, they were eager to cross the limitations of audio engineering technology. So, in 1979, Sony produced the first-ever Walkman Companion Headphones. These headphones were made with the idea that one should be able to listen to music with a tool that is both lightweight and compact. At the start of it all was the MDR-3. This was the first headphones in the “H-AIR” series. Back in the day, people had to buy them individually. They acted as an accessory for the first-ever Sony Walkman TPS-L2.

Sony introduced the first Noise Cancelling Headphones to the world in 1995. The name for it is the MDR-NC10. It can reduce background noise by 70 percent. After that, they introduced the first 3D Surround Headphones in 2011. It was called the MDR-DS7500, and it started the era of digital surround headphone systems.

A. Walkman Companion Headphone

As stated earlier, the first-ever Walkman was introduced in 1979. It has been four decades since that, and a lot has changed in that period.

Sony MDR-3

Walkman Companion Headphone

This is a mobile stereo that customizes the music listening in a unique way. In fact, this idea of personalizing music listening is what led to the creation of iPods and other music players. While the Walkman is granted the status of an icon, no one should forget the headphones. These days, it is hard to find a Sony MDR-3 headphone. It has a really big cord that ends in a 6.35mm audio jack. The main purpose was to use it with bigger stereos. While the cable and foam of the original product wouldn’t last for four decades, the actual body is sturdy. These headphones come with a plastic headband.

You may have to set your expectations low with these ones since the headphones are over 40 years old. However, they sound quite impressive. It may come as a surprise that the bass can be slightly punchy. In addition, the soundstage is amazing.

  • Huge soundstage gives a live feeling
  • Slightly rotatable ear cups account for different ear designs
  • Contains two sturdy drivers

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Sony Walkman NW-WS620

Sony Walkman NW-WS620

Sony claims that this Walkman is built for extremes. You can carry your music outside with the NW-WS620. It has a long battery life that lasts for 12 hours straight. However, if you don’t have much time to charge it fully, then that won’t cause any major problem. You can charge it for 3 minutes only and keep it working for 60 minutes straight. In addition, it lets you stream music wirelessly with the help of smartphones.

  • Can endure temperatures from -5 to -45°C
  • Contains ambient sound mode to help during training
  • Contains in-built MP3, FLAC, and AAC

B. Noise Cancelling Headphone

As previously stated, the first Noise Cancelling Headphone came out in 1995. It was a one-way ticket to a world inside your head without any outside noise.

Sony MDR-NC10

Sony MDR-NC10

These headphones have always been efficient and well-fitting. They also feel super comfy to wear and snaps into the ears with a 90-degree rotation. This is because of the tender rubber tab that locks them into position. You can wear them for an extended period without feeling irritated.

As for the mid bass, these headphones provide it to a satisfying degree. On top of that, it has decent sound insulation and can be moved around despite its size.

  • Relatively small noise-cancellation box
  • Incredible bass response
  • NR circuit that produces edgier sound

Sony WH-1000XM3

Sony WH-1000XM3

The WH-1000XM3 is one of the best noise canceling headphones on the market. It combines design, features, and performance superbly. These headphones have a really long battery life of 30 hours and produce beefier bass sound.

As for design, it has changed quite a bit compared to the WH-1000XM2. The cushioning on the ear cups is soft enough to give you comfort. The lightweight headband feels really contoured to the head. On top of that, you can charge it for just 10 minutes to use it for 5 hours straight.

  • Super smooth touch controls
  • Contains space for a tiny USB-C cable
  • Produces punchy bass

C. 3D Surround Sound Headphone

In 2011, Sony started the age of surround sound headphones with the MDR-DS7500.

Sony MDR-DS7500

3D Surround Sound Headphone

The purpose behind designing the MDR-DS7500 was to customize music listening to a greater extent. When it comes to sound quality, the MDR-DS7500 is truly amazing. You can watch movies with it and experience the surround sound effect properly.

There are distinct channels inside, but there isn’t much separation from front-to-back. One of the best things about the MDR-DS7500 is the options available for sound modes. You can choose between Cinema, Game, and Voice. In addition, you can choose not to use any effect.

The Cinema mode is perfect for watching movies while Voice works fine for a stereo source.

  • Contains HDMI inputs
  • Easily supports modern sound formats
  • Provides sufficient degree of bass

Sony WH-L600

Sony WH-L600

The WH-L600 system contains two primary parts: a transmitter and a headset. The transmitter comes with options for connecting it with a TV or audio system. The set also comes with an optical cable that connects the transmitter with an OLED TV.

There is a lot of TV audio equipment on the market with sound presets. However, they cannot compete with Sony’s level of sophistication.

  • Contains four separate listening modes
  • Can create a virtual surround sound field
  • Makes it easier to listen to hard-to-hear dialogues
  • Will turn off automatically when we do not use
  • Contains thick padding on the headband

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