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Top 10 Sony Sport Headphones in 2020

Music is a great way to keep you motivated to work out or engage in a variety of outdoor activities. However, ordinary headphones don’t offer a secure fit and generally aren’t resistant to moisture. To circumvent this problem, many manufacturers have created ultra-light headphones that are unlikely to fall off as well as being waterproof and sweatproof. Sony’s range of sports headphones are impeccable, and they have built a reputation for delivering superior sound quality. In this article, we look at some of the top 10 Sony Sport Headphones of 2020 in the market.

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10. Sony MDR-AS210/B Sport In-ear

Sony Sport Headphones 2020 - Sony MDR-AS210/B Sport In-ear 

Not only is the Sony MDR-AS210/B affordable, but the sport headphone has also garnered quite a bit of attention for its incredible audio quality and minimalist design.

The earbuds have soft ear clips attached to them that can be easily wrapped around your ears.

  • The sports headphone can be found in a variety of attractive colors.
  • The headphone also comes with powerful 13.5mm drivers.
  • It can withstand both water and sweat.

9. Sony WF-1000XM3

Sony Sport Headphones 2020 - Sony WF-1000XM3

Balanced and accurate sound output. Despite its miniatures size, the headphones bear fluid touch controls. The active noise cancellation on this headphone works fantastically, blocking out all ambient sounds in the environment.

The headphone feels quite robust to touch. It has been constructed from premium quality materials. However, the headphone lacks proper waterproofing, and may not be suitable for water-based sports.

  • On a single charge, the headphones can last up to 32 hours when used with the charging case.

8. Sony WI-1000X

Sony Sport Headphones 2020 - Sony WI-1000X

Although the Sony WI-1000X is mostly known for its effective noise cancellation, the sport headphone is extremely light and has a remarkable audio profile. In addition to that, the dynamic range is particularly noteworthy.

The sports headphone comes with an ergonomic neckband that does not add any extra weight to your shoulders.

  • You should net nearly 17 hours of battery backup when the noise-canceling is disabled.

7. Sony MDR-XB510AS

Sony MDR-XB510AS 

If you love overpowering bass, the Sony MDR-XB510AS is the prime choice for you. These headphones come with moderately-sized 12mm drivers to push out high-quality audio of incredible clarity.

Boasting an IPX5/7 certification, the headphone provides great resistance to moisture and is suitable for an active lifestyle. The cable is tangle-free, giving you great flexibility to move around.

  • An impressive frequency range between 4 Hz and 24,000 Hz.

6. Sony MDRXB80BS Premium

Sony MDRXB80BS Premium

The Sony MDRXB90BS is praised for its pounding bass response and wide Bluetooth range. The headphone is suitable for genres like rap, hip hop, metal, and so on.

In contrast to other headphones, the Sony MDRXB80BS provides users with two fits. They can slide into your ear canals like traditional in-ear buds. Alternatively, the wires could be wrapped around your ear for greater stability. The headphone also comes with an IPX5 rating.

  • Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity.
  • NFC technology for instant pairing.
  • Users can obtain roughly seven hours of music playback.

5. Sony WF-SP700N

Sony WF-SP700N

Despite its TWS design, the WF-SP700N offers exceptional noise cancellation and a balanced sound profile. The Bluetooth range of the headphone is decent, and it is ideal for strenuous physical activities.

Because of its IPX4 rating, the headphone has enhanced resistance to water and sweat. Moreover, the headphone is quite sturdy and is super light.

  • If you use the headphone with its charging case, you should get nearly 9 hours of battery backup.

4. Sony XB50BS Extra Bass

Sony Sport Headphones 2020 - Sony XB50BS Extra Bass

The Sony XB50BS offers incredible value for money and is highly regarded for its booming bass. Moreover, sports headphone has clean and accurate treble and responsive controls.

You can easily use this headphone while hitting the gym, because of its IPX4 certification. Other than that, feels quite sturdy in the hands.

  • On a full charge, the headphone offers around 8.5 hours of music playback.

3. Sony WI-SP500

Sony Sport Headphones 2020 - Sony WI-SP500

Although the Sony WI-SP500 wasn’t built for serious audiophiles, it still manages to maintain a balanced sound signature. You should have no trouble spending long hours at the gym with these headphones on. Additional ear-tips are also provided in the package.

Unlike some of Sony’s other offerings, these headphones do not provide users with a great fit. Moreover, these headphones can feel uncomfortable after a few hours of usage.

  • It comes with a built-in microphone for making hands-free calls.

2. Sony WI-SP600N Wireless

Sony Sport Headphones 2020 - Sony WI-SP600N Wireless

The Sony WI-SP600N Wireless is highly acclaimed for its amazing bass response and warm mids and treble. However, the frequency can be quite sharp and piercing sometimes. Other than that, the headphone also offers remarkable active noise cancellation.

The headphone is well-constructed and has a durable exterior. It also comes with an IPX4 certification, making it ideal for an active routine.

  • With noise cancellation enabled, you should receive around 5.6 hours of battery backup.
  • The headphone comes with quick-charge functionality.

1. Sony MDR-AS400EX

Sony Sport Headphones 2020 - Sony MDR-AS400EX

Users have praised the Sony MDR-AS400EX for its snug fit and good audio quality. Even though the sound output doesn’t compare to Sony’s premium line-up, it is more than adequate for regular gym workouts.

The headphone bears a durable plastic construction, and the cord can be looped behind the ears. Some users have expressed disdain regarding the headphone’s comfort level.

  • You get to pick from a plethora of eye-catching colors.
  • The bow length can be adjusted for a secure fit.

In short, Sony manufactures outstanding headphones for people with an active lifestyle. Many of these headphones come with highly sought-after features such as active noise cancellation, touch controls, and large battery capacity. On top of that, the sound quality of nearly all of these Sony Sport Headphones is truly extraordinary.

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