Sony Wired Headphones
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You’re trying to enjoy some good music. Maybe some acoustic blues or how about Weird Al? When you’ve finally dived into the melody of creative artists, your complete absorption is broken by your mom slamming on the door to turn down the volume. Why destroy the ambiance when you can just put on your Sony headphones? Presenting to you the top 10 Sony wired headphones.

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Top 10 Sony Wired Headphones in 2021

15. Sony Noise-Canceling Extra Bass Stereo Headphones


Sony Noise-Canceling Extra Bass Stereo Headphones

This is an affordable and lightweight headphone from Sony that comes with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) that performs quite well considering the price. It comes with a light fitting that you can wear for a long time without causing ear fatigue.

14. Sony MDRZX300


Sony MDRZX300

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If you are very low on budget but still looking for quality headphones, this can be a great pick for you. It’s made out of plastic and there are four color variants for you to choose from. Considering its price, you cannot expect top-notch sound quality but it sounds more or less okay.

13. Sony MDRXB600IP



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This over-ear headphone from Sony is designed for dynamic bass performance. Bass lovers will surely like it. The design is quite distinct with the black plastic build with the gold and leather brown accent. This headphone is also very comfortable for long term usage through ears can get a bit warm.

12. Sony MDRX05/BR Simon Cowell X 


Sony MDRX05/BR Simon Cowell X 

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Sony teamed up with Simon Cowell to make this special edition headphone. This headphone features a stunning red look with the X logo on the faceplates. This headphone is also focused on bass performance and can blow you away with extremely powerful bass.

11. Sony XB550AP

Sony XB550AP

All about that bass? The pumping bass of the Sony XB550AP has a 5 – 22000 Hz frequency meant for an exhilarating rhapsody. The mic completing the headset can be played as you want with the free SmartKey App on your phone.

Each of the four colors available with the adjustable metal headband has a bold style, which complements the Y-shaped rugged cord.

10. Sony WHCH700N

Sony WHCH700N

If you don’t want to be tied down but want to enjoy Beethoven’s sixth harmony or place some urgent calls, the Sony WHCH700N includes wireless playback up to 35 and free calling just for you, or if you want to amp up the playback, 50 hours of wired playback!

With a detachable magnetic cord, the one push AINC Bluetooth headphone has an adjustable metal slider to fit even Bigfoot. Okay, maybe not Bigfoot.

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9. Sony MDR7506

Sony MDR7506

Everyone’s favorite for both home and studio recording, this Sony Wired Headphone has incredible looks and incredible connection. The Sony MDR7506 has large diaphragms to handle frequency responses of 10 – 20,000 Hz.

The upgraded OFC (oxygen-free copper) cord, gold connectors, and unmatched plug coming with this headphone cannot be matched.

8. Sony MDR1AM2

Sony MDR1AM2

Enjoy every note of music with this high-resolution Sony Wired Headphone. With this 3 –100,000 Hz frequency headphone by Sony, control every beat amidst the heavyweight bass and crystal mids and highs.

The in-line remote and microphone of the headphone cable of the black Sony MDR1AM2 are compatible with smartphones. Wired or not, this headphone can easily be anyone’s favorite.

In conclusion, each of these Sony Wired Headphones is built for different needs. Some may have the latest smart technology while some go for rich bass. It’s your turn to pick which suits you.

7. Sony MDRXB800


Sony MDRXB800

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This over-ear headphone from Sony is capable enough to provide powerful bass with airy mids and clean treble with its 50mm massive drivers. It comes with pressure-relieving foam pads that are great for long term usage. It is dual foldable that makes it great for traveling as well.

6. SONY Stereo Headphones MDR-Z1000


SONY Stereo Headphones MDR-Z1000

This is not your regular headphone. It’s a studio monitoring headphone that is designed specifically for enjoying the purest form of audio without any coloring. Though being a studio headphone, it has a decent punch of bass and treble making a decent headphone for regular music listeners as well.

5. Sony MDR 1A


Sony MDR 1A

This is a premium over-ear headphone that will give you a premium experience from comfort to sound quality. This headphone is well built with premium materials and being lightweight at the same time. It has a crisp bass response and maintains clarity all over the frequencies.

4. Sony MDR10RNC



This is a premium wired headphone from Sony that comes with dual noise sensors to provide excellent noise cancellation. The noise cancellation performance is good with 20 hours of playback time. And if you want the best-wired noise cancellation headphones within this price range, you can go for this eyes closed.

3. Sony MDR-ZX660/L


Sony MDR-ZX660/L

If you are more like traveling around with headphones on keeping it hanging on your neck, this headphone can be a great pick for you. It is lightweight, comfortable, and stylish. The wires are solid and designed in a way so that it won’t get tangled. The sound quality is quite good which can satisfy casual listeners.

2. Sony MDR7506


Sony MDR7506

Sony is well known for manufacturing quality headphones including studio monitoring headphones which are widely used all around the world. This is one of the most popular studio monitoring headphones all around the world because of its amazing value and most importantly sound quality. This headphone provides amazing comfort which is very much well suited for an extended listening session. It comes with 9.8 feet coiled nondetachable coiled cable that you can use to plug into sources at a fairly proximate distance. The only drawback of this headphone is that the cables are non-detachable.




If budget is no factor and you want to go for the absolute best, you might consider this behemoth that Sony is offering. Everything about this headphone is premium with the beta titanium frame, genuine leather headband, Fibonacci-patterned grill. This headphone comes with massive 70mm HD drivers that will provide you with smooth and crystal-clear vocals with airy mids and soothing treble. It is so comfortable and lightweight that you will be able to put it on your head, forget about it and listen all day. This headphone is a masterpiece indeed.

Why your headphones start working only on one side and how to fix it?

This is a very common issue among headphones and people all over the world experience it. In most cases, it happens to cheap headphones. But sometimes, it can happen to branded and expensive headphones as well which is disappointing and frustrating. The main reason is faulty manufacturing. But if you don’t use your headphones with care, it can happen also. But if your headphone starts working only on one side, don’t throw it right away. Some things might resurrect your earphone back to life again. Now I am going to discuss these below.

First, you want to make sure that there’s no hardware damage. To ensure it, check the audio settings of your pc or the device you are using. If

everything seems fine, try using another headphone. If the other headphone works fine then there might be something wrong with your headphone. You can also try another thing which is twisting the headphone connector while plugged in and listening to any audio sample for testing. If you see that the other side is working, or slightly working, that the problem is with the connector. You can go to any repairing shop and replace the connector which will cost you a very little amount instead of buying another headphone. Though the above-mentioned method is recommended only if your headphone has a warranty, doing that while having warranty might make the warranty void. Another effective method is cleaning the connector with rubber or isopropyl alcohol if it seems dirty. These are some easy tips you can do to fix your headphone working only on one side.

How to keep wired headphones from getting tangled?

Tangled cables are one of the biggest frustration headphone users deal with every day. Many headphones come with sleeved or tangle-proof cables, but in most cases, it’s limited to expensive headphones. You can follow some simple steps to keep your wired headphone from getting tangled which I am going to discuss below.

Custom sleeving cables are a great solution. By custom sleeving, you can even achieve better sleeving than the sleeving coming out of the box. You can find cable sleeves at a very cheap rate on amazon or any online shop. Installing them is also very simple. Just stretch the sleeve and put it on your cable, cut the excess. Then use a heating gun and heat the sleeve. The sleeve will shrink and fit perfectly with the cable of your wired headphone.

Another effective way is to keep the cable organized by winding the cable around the headphone or anything that seems fit to you. You can also wrap the cable around your fingers and keep some additional length unwrapped that you will use to wrap the cables horizontally which will form like the digit ‘8’. Finally insert the connector in one of the holes formed and you are done.

In most cases, cables get tangled while traveling. So, make sure to use a proper carrying case while traveling. This is the most effective way to keep your headphones away from tangles while traveling.

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