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Sony WM1Z Hi-Res Walkman Signature Series


Sony WM1Z Hi-Res Walkman Signature Series

Whenever we get too caught up with work, the thing we do the most is cue headphones and start jamming to music. It’s no secret that music can wipe all our stress away, even if it’s temporary. Thanks to technology, the days of streaming music on CD’s and radios are long gone. Now, all you have to do is invest in a good mp3 player to enjoy music on the go. If you’re planning on taking your music streaming experience a notch higher, Sony WM1Z Walkman Signature Series might be for you.

It has been creating quite a buzz since its release. Given its staggering design and outstanding features, the hype is totally understandable. Keeping the need of all the tech-savvies in mind, Sony has amped up their sound technology to take this hi-res Walkman to a whole new level. However, as this product requires quite a bit of splurge, we’ve come up with a complete review to help you make the right choice. Without any further ado, let’s delve deeper and find out what makes the Sony WM1Z Walkman stand out from the crowd!


Product Description

Product Description

Before going deep into the specifications, let’s have a look at the Walkman Series first. The first addition to this series has been released back in the ’90s. After going through multiple upgrades and implementation of the latest technologies, Sony came up with the WM1Z high-end Walkman in 2016. Needless to say, it immediately blew up. Tech specialists have raved about its lavish golden design and the enhanced high-resolution amplification. But what struck all the most was its detailed acoustic that brings the audio to life.

Sony has amped up the sampling frequency to 192kHz to add a subtle nuance to the sound. The high-res frequency will allow you to experience music exactly the way the artist intended you to listen to it. It also supports DSD audio files from the original recording and with DSEE, it captures every note and nuance and helps bring out the best of any music.

The built-in HX upscaling technology analyzes music to its core and helps prevent losing authenticity. Even if the slightest bit of information while streaming gets erase, the algorithm for this technology will replaces it on a whim. The built-in DC Phase Linearizer with intuitive usability can replicate most, if not all, sonic signatures. If you didn’t know already, this feature helps match the audio to a range of analog amplifiers for uncloudy and analog-like sound. And the best part is, you’ll have six-phase character settings to choose from.

To help block out outside interference, Sony has added knock-on features to the player, so you won’t have to worry about third-party apps having access to your device. Although it doesn’t include software on the player, it has a built-in storage of 256GB. However, once the player is ready to operate, the actual usable storage decreases to 230GB.

Battery Care is another feature that makes the device so convenient. As per the description of the device, it never charges past 90 percent to maximize the battery life to the fullest. The device is capable enough to cater to all types of format, but when streaming FLAC files at 96kHz, the battery life would be around 30 hours.

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Product Design and Quality

Product Design and Quality

Fully encased with the top-grade copper chassis, WM1Z Walkman has plated gold all over its body that makes it look like a gleaming bar of gold. The oxygen-free copper chassis layer helps prevent color fading and also brings out the natural acoustic sound. The advanced cable design of this player is handcrafted and braided wire cables, so you won’t have to worry about tangling it up after each use.

As the player is fully constructed with solid copper, it’s no surprise that it weighs about a hefty 455g. While this may not be the best compact option to go for, its striking aesthetic and premium features outweigh the minor drawback.

As for the quality, it’s sturdy and has a long-lasting design effect. The four inches LED display is made with scratch-resistant glass and has a resolution of 864×480. For a high-end product, the resolution might seem a bit low, but the short stature makes it pretty manageable for this player. Unlike other audio players available in the market, it doesn’t have a pointy edge, but the glass material is fragile and doesn’t feel that premium for its price. So, if not used carefully, there’s a potential risk of breaking it. However, WM1Z does come with a warranty, so if you end up damaging your device, Sony’s customer service provider will repair or replace it for you.

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Product Features

  1. New S-Master technology for enhanced audio amplification.
  2. Expanded compatibility for increased output.
  3. Braided Kimber Kable.
  4. Up to 33 hours of audio playback on a single charge.
  5. 4.0 inch fully responsive touchscreen with side-key control.
  6. Oscillator precision clock to decrease noise and timing jitter.
  7. DC Phase Linearizer for pure sound translation.
  8. DSEE technology to restore lost audio fidelity.
  9. Direct stream digital support.
  10. 265GB micro-SD slot.
  11. LDAC codec technology for the wireless listening experience.



Sony NW-WM1Z Walkman is a great audio player, no doubt about that, but it costs a whopping $3,100. Many seem to agree on the fact that it costs relatively more than what makes the product. But given that it comes from a high-end product and offers both outstanding design and quality, we think the price is justified.

Sony has surely been able to create a statement with this player. If you have a knack for audio players with lavish design and convenient features, then Sony NW-WM1z is the one you are looking for. It’s not every day that you splurge on a high-end audio player, so don’t let the high price stop you from buying it. Get this right away if you want to experience music like never before.

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