Sony ZX300
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Why Should You Purchase a Sony ZX300?


For all the music enthusiasts out there, who are searching for an affordable digital analog audio converter device, Sony ZX300 might be the one you are looking for. For years, Sony has been way ahead of the game when it comes to selling different music machines. The Sony ZX300 from the Walkman series can be your next purchase if you are planning on enhancing your listening experience to another level.

The ZX300 Walkman is selling at a price that might seem a lot to some people but both the design and quality makes up for it. A product of this amazing build with the signature sound quality of Sony is worth splurging. This DAC is very different from other machines at this price point and you will surely be lost in the immersive sound quality that it will provide to your ear.

Now, let us dive into the specifications of this DAC which makes it so different from others, and also what are the advantages and probable disadvantages of keeping it in your pocket.

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Product description

Sony ZX300

Sony released the Sony ZX300 just two years back. It’s pretty normal for you to ponder on why in this era of smartphones Sony is still coming up with Walkman and how it has been giving the competitors a good run for the money. Sony’s been in the business for decades and evidently, they come up with the latest technologies with each edition that exceeds the previous one.

This digital music player with a rigid aluminum mold frame designed in a way that strongly resists electrical noise and provides clear and stable sound frequency. It also features large high polymer capacitors which ensure clean, reliable voltage for well-defined and powerful bass notes.

To ensure high-definition sound and vocals, Sony has managed to integrate a high-quality solder circuit board and an S-Master HX full digital amplifier. It has a unique output port that supplies a balanced audio output to any headphone and provides a less noisy and high-definition sound experience. The high-quality codec LDAC and 3X bitrate of standard Bluetooth technology allow the listeners to stream music on the go.

What’s new?

Sony has also provided Full aptX HD audio support to the device with a constant firmware update so that the device remains up to date with all new updates. Another great feature of this device is the touch sensitivity of the screen. The matte glass also helps the screen to be less sensitive to fingerprint marks.

The right side of the Walkman is positioned with seven highly tactile click buttons to control the music. With a fully charged battery, the music experience can be resumed up to 30 hours with MP3 playback and up to 26 hours with high-resolution audio playback. The storage can also be expanded with the built-in 64GB plus micro-SD card.

What makes it stand out is its film capacitors feature that blocks out noise and distortion for a crisp and natural sound. It also supports the brand-new audio format- MQA to prevent the loss of quality in compressed files.

Product Design and Quality


Both the quality and design Sony ZX300 offers at such a low price are really impressive. The design resembles a lot like the combination of Sony’s previous Walkman series of ZX and A47. Luckily, Sony’s iconic gold connectors with a leather back and large round side buttons have managed to make their way to this edition as well.

The front part of this Walkman is elegantly designed by a smooth matte glass panel, but it does not have a full-screen display unlike other Walkman’s of the same series. The tiny stature and weight of only 160 gm make it a compact mp3 player that can be easily carried around. The mesmerizing gold-plated copper body also makes this player irresistible to get. While the 64GB version of this player comes in black color, the 16GB comes in both black and silver color. Both of the versions support SD card storage, so go for the one that suits your fancy.


  • Significantly fast response in high-resolution files.
  • Integrated digital amplifier for audio clarity.
  • DSD and PCM file support.
  • Waterproof design.
  • TFT color display with white LED-backlight capacitive touch screen.
  • Digital noise canceling feature.
  • Audio output jack to balance out the noise.
  • Compatible with Bluetooth Ver 4.2.
  • Higher tonal output by USB DAC.
  • Expandable memory.

This audio player is the way to go if you want to take in the pleasure of using a high-end player but don’t have the budget to splurge. While Sony offers plenty of other exciting options to go for, the plethora of features in Sony ZX300 with the premium gold-plated design, high-res audio compatibility, and MQA support make it worth buying even in 2021. While this might not be the best option to go for, if you are all set on buying a Sony player but don’t want to spend thousands of bucks, Sony ZX300 is the way to go. Both the top-notch sound and the amazing build quality of this player is bound to impress you if you are rooting for a pleasant listening experience.

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If you are looking for a DAC player with great audio reproduction and unique functions, then do not think twice before investing on the Sony ZX3300. It’s compatible with all types of music and user-friendly for its top-grade quality and compact structure. As the sound quality is quite well balanced and customizable with different audio accessories, you won’t have to worry about the other expenses that might come with it. To wrap it all up, if you are a hardcore music enthusiast, then this one will surely best fit your demands.

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