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Soundmagic E10 earbuds are lightweight and highly portable. The manufacturer of the headphone is the sound magic brand who is also the leading marketing company. Soundmagic E10 fits on the ear and has a maximum weight of 0.39 ounce while it is light on the head. The headphone comes in a mixture of three colors that is red gold and silver, while the sleeves are white and easy to replace to make it match with the clothing. The earbuds contain a noise-canceling technology that enables one to hear the music with a lot of clarity.

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SoundMAGIC E10 Review

Magic sound e10

The Soundmagic E10 has a warrant of two years; this is a surety that the product is durable and long-lasting. The material used to make the Soundmagic E10 earbud is of high-quality that makes it pleasant to the user and attractive to the people around them. The blending of different colors makes the earbud looks attractive and visible at night. The metal material used in the sides ensures water and other environmental factors cannot destroy it. The cord is more durable because it contains oxygen-free copper that are tight together by hand and a plastic coating that is long-lasting

What is in the box?

The box that comes with the earbud contains the following devices, silicone ear tips, double flange silicone ear tips, cable clip, and the case cover. The soft silicone ear tips come in three different sizes, medium-small and substantial, and this ensures everyone fits on the earbud. When a person selects an enormous size, it provides a high-performance. The double flange silicone ear-tips provide isolation because it contains a dual domed construction with a significant barrier from the external noise. The silicone makes it lightweight. The cable clip ensures the wire does not spoil during running or jogging. this clip put the cable together and attached it to the cloth to prevent the mic noise and unwanted cable movement of the cable. The case carrier has a soft cover for smooth movement with it. It secures the earbuds when placed inside your backpack or any other case.

SoundMAGIC E10 Noise Isolating in-Ear Earphones

SoundMAGIC E10 Noise Isolating in-Ear Earphones


Soundmagic E10 earbuds have a robust metal that is inbuilt to ensure it last for an extended period. The cord wire is durable and long-lasting; the outer covering contains thick plastic that is not easy to cut by a razor. The thickness of the plastic is to ensure even if some scratch, it will not reach the inner wire. The wire used to make the cable is copper, which oxygen-free copper. The sound magic e 10 uses a gold jack that ensures a perfect flow of music.


SoundMAGIC E10

Soundmagic E10 has a powerful bass that is stable to ensure the music is clear. The clarity of the music makes one enjoy it enhances the increase of the time of using the earbud. Soundmagic E10 uses noise-canceling technology that protects the user from external noise, ensuring you enjoy the music. The earbud has an extremely accurate listening experience due to its high performance.

Soundmagic E10 is compatible with most audio devices that use jack pin. Its jack pin is 3.5mm, which is the size of most android and iOS smartphones.


The sound magic e10 contains a left-right direction on each earbud; this is to ensure you wear them correctly without any difficulty. The point of contact between the speaker and the cable has a reinforcement of rubber, which provides there is no dislocation.

SoundMAGIC E10


The speaker contains a volume control that enables the user to manage the volume. The golden rust-resistant jack pin enables it to last for a long time without any dislocation. The durable and softbox that keeps the earbud and ensures it is easy to carry the earbud from one place to the other.

  • Pros

Soundmagic E10 has a case box that protects it from external damage ensuring the earphone lasts for long. The earbud has a loud sound with a stable base that makes it clear when listening to music or playing games. The silicone ear fits ensure there is no interference from the external noise that makes it best to use in a place with a loud noise to enhance concentration

The golden jack pin makes it durable and compatible with most of the audio devices. The cable of Sound magic e10 has a thick coating that ensures the wire remains intact. The oxygen-free copper is rust-resistant that makes cable function for an extended period. The cable is flexible to enhance secure storage in the box without any deformation or breakage.

This earbud is economical because it does not need one to recharge it before using it but only to fix it and use it. This non-rechargeable makes the earbud to last or long time because when it is not in use, it is in a protected box. These sound magic e10 earbuds are attractive and come with the extra sleeves that make them match with the sleeves.

  • Cons

Soundmagic E10 is not compatible with the iPhone 7, 8, 10, and pixel 2. One needs to purchase the adapter if they have the above devices, which increase the cost of the earbud. These earbuds have a warrant of 30 days, which are few days while most products have a one year warranty.

Cables are easy to spoil when one moves by the hand rendering the sound magic earbud useless. Destruction of the cable may occur when someone overstretches it accidentally without noticing, causing internal damage to the wire.

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SoundMAGIC E10: Common Issues

There are a lot of common issues that you might face with your earbuds. Let’s look at a few of them.

How to keep your earbuds in place?

How to keep your earbuds in place?

Earbuds falling out of the ear is very common. Sometimes no matter what you do, they just won’t stay in place. Of course, there is a workaround for such a scenario. You can do the following to make sure your headphone doesn’t fall out of your ear.

Attach the cord over the ear

Okay, this might look or feel a bit awkward at first but trust us, this is a very handy process when it comes to keeping your earbuds in place. All you have to do is put your headphone firmly in your ear first. Then simply take the cord and wrap it over your ear. This will secure the earbuds in place and you won’t have to worry a thing about it.

Put the buds deeper and more firmly in your ear

This might cause problems for some and so we do not recommend this to everyone. But putting the earbuds a bit more firmly in your ear can also help you to get a secure fit.

Third-party attachments

Various types of attachment and over-ear hooks are available that seamlessly attach with your earbuds. If you are using the sound magic E10, you can use an external hook to attach with your earbuds and make sure that they don’t fall out.

Find earbuds that best fit your ear

Most of the earbuds these days come in three sizes of small, medium, and large ear tips. You can choose from them to find which one best fits your ear and provides you with a better seal.

Clean your ears regularly

The wax buildup may cause your earphone to fall out more easily. You should clean your ears regularly to make sure there is no excess wax buildup.

What to do when earphone works in only one ear?

What to do when earphone works in only one ear?

One of the most frustrating things there ever can be is when your earphones work on only one side of the ear. Most of the time, it is a mechanical failure inside the buds that is almost impossible to repair on your own. However, you can do the following to see if it gets back the sound or not.

Properly clean the headphone jack

Sometimes it can be just some dust in your jack or the port that may be causing the problem. Clean them properly to make sure it’s not a dust-related issue.

Check the settings of your phone whether it is in mono

Most of the device these days supports either mono or stereo depending on the preference of the user. Of course, if the setting is in mono, the sound will only come out of one ear. Check your settings as well.

Restart your device

There is nothing like a good old restart. This is a method we apply to almost every electronic device and the earphone is no different. Well, not the earphone but the device you are connecting to. Sometimes it works perfectly fine after a restart and this can be a good bet for you to get things going.

In case none of these works, unfortunately, you will be needing an earphone replacement.

Ways to keep earbuds untangled

Ways to keep earbuds untangled
Man untangling tangled earbuds, Headphone wire tangled.

To keep your earbuds untangled, you can do the following:

Bind it in an 8 shape

You can use two fingers to apply this method. Generally, binding in 8 shapes keeps the headphones tangle-free.

Secondary layer

Use a secondary layer of embroidery to make your earphones thick; that way they will not get easily tangled.

Binder clip

You can use a binder clip to hold them all together. The binder clip holds your headphones in a specific shape and makes sure it doesn’t get tangled.

Using Credit card

This one is a bit of a DIY. If you have an old or unused credit card, you can cut it and use it to wrap your headphones.

The double fold knots

Use the double fold and knot binding system. This is a bit tricky to get used to but once you get the hang of things, it’s pretty much a smooth sail.

How to keep your earbuds clean?

How to keep your earbuds clean?

There are several ways to do so including:

Cleaning the bud tips

The buds are where the most amount of dust gets allocated. You should regularly clean your buds with soft cotton.

Rinsing the buds thoroughly

Sometimes, just cleaning your buds with cotton buds or dry tissue isn’t enough. The wax buildup may cause your earphone to sound low and even permanently damage the speaker. To make sure you don’t have to face any such incident, we recommend you rinse your ear tips now and then. This will ensure that your tips are in pristine condition and so are your earbuds.

Using a cotton bud to clean the mesh cover

The mesh cover is highly prone to ear wax deposition. You need to make sure you are cleaning it properly as well.

Disinfect thoroughly

Make sure you disinfect your earbuds regularly. You don’t want to be using an earphone that is full of germs or dust particles.

Drying it off completely before using it again

After each cleaning session, make sure to dry off your earphones completely before reusing them. A wet earphone might be prone to even more dirt accumulation. So, it is better to completely clean it off first.

Cleaning and maintaining your headphones might feel like an extra task but in reality, it is a very essential step to ensure the overall longevity of your earphones. We hope this article will help you better troubleshoot the issues and make the most out of your earphones.

Soundmagic E10 is a single earbud that contains meatal on the speaker to protect its inner part. The metal used does not rust or lose its color to maintain its color throughout its life span. The design of the earbud makes it durable because the soft silicone ear fits protect the speaker in the combination of the metal outer protective. It is lightweight and comes with a carrying box that makes it portable. The cable used is long and thick to ensure one can use it from a distance without any straining. It has used oxygen-free cables that are long-lasting.

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