Steelseries arctis 7
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SteelSeries Arctis 7 Review

SteelSeries arctis 7 headphone has a black color and greyish lines on the top and the speaker. The headphone is compatible with PlayStation 4 that makes it best as a gaming headphone. These SteelSeries arctis 7 headphones have a loud voice that makes it best for someone to hear the gaming direction and signs clear. The headset is comprehensive to make it fit different types of users with varying sizes of heads. It uses noise-canceling technics that remove all the echoes and the external voice to enhance clear communication.

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Steel Series Arctis 7


The attractive design of the headphone is among the advantages that make the headphone bestselling in the world. The speakers of the headphones can rotate for 360 degrees that makes it easy for a person to use one headphone, and the other one produces the sound on top of the external environment. The lightweight material used to make the headphone makes it easy for a person to wear them for more than 12 or even 12 hours when traveling. The battery of the headphone works for more than 24 hours when fully charged for two hours using its charger.

Sound quality

The technology used in the speaker allows a dual function that cannot interfere with each other. The headphone allows a person to play music during gaming on the same speaker. With this technology, most companies cannot achieve it. The clear cast microphone is another strength that the headphone contains in its SteelSeries development. One receives and communicates with a lot of ease because the SteelSeries arctis 7 wireless headphones use a bio-directional design, which is in the aircraft when the plane is one. The design allows the music to pause when someone receives a call without a pause of the music at any moment. The SteelSeries arctis 7uses the noise cancellation technology that makes it function as a recording headphone because of the clear headphone sound. The superior cancellation technic makes the voice clear and natural.

The use of SteelSeries arctis 7 in public gives you confidence that what you’re wearing is better than millions of other headphones in the world. The headphone has won two times as the best sound in the world. The music has an equal volume that makes its users enjoy it each time they use it. The bass is excellent, and it produces a natural sound like that of a live band. The speaker contains the control panel on one of the speakers to ensure that one can control the volume with a lot of ease.

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Compatibility is an essential part of the headphone because it reduces the amount and time for connection. The SteelSeries arctis 7 headphones are more compatible, and it takes less than five seconds. This headphone Bluetooth is compatible with more than devices such as smartphone laptops Xbox and PlayStation 4 and PC that makes one enjoy the game throughout the game. The Bluetooth device has secure connectivity with most tools up to a distance of ten meters apart.

Steel Series Arctis 7

The box content

The SteelSeries arctis 7 comes with a box that contains more accessories that make the headphone function for more 24 hours. Some of the accessories that occur in the box are the USB charger that charges the headphone with about two hours to be full. The charger is durable and long-lasting for maximum service delivery. The amount of energy transmitted through the cable is standard and cannot interfere with the performance of the batteries in the headphone. It fits in the charging port, and the user should use the SteelSeries arctis 7 chargers throughout so that it cannot destroy the charge port. The material used to make the charger is durable and cannot spoil when it bends; one can fold the charger many times without any destruction, and overstretching might cut the cables on the inner part of the charger.

The other component that comes with the box is the chat mix mic that enables a person to communicate via the headphone. This mic uses the audio canceling technology that removes all the external noise that ensures communication flow with an easy and does not have some echoes. The mic is flexible, and one can adjust it with ease for maximum voice capture.

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The battery

The batteries of the SteelSeries functions for more than 24 hours. The battery allows the user to have continuous playtime. SteelSeries is gaming headphones that require the top has long playtime for the person to enjoy the game. Most of the gamers play games for more than 12 hours, which makes it enjoyable. Most of the people love headphone that ensures they do not recharge the entire day so that they can increase the concentration level.

The USB cable is the third component of the box. It enables the user to play games via Xbox and Nintendo switch. The USB cable is long for maximum playtime. When some play the game via USB, the headphone does not consume energy but uses energy on the desktop or the monitor.

The battery gives along with playtime because it uses two polymer batteries. The battery takes two hours for it to fully charged, and if a person charges it for 30 minutes, it will function for more than four hours. This charge makes it great, and when the person plays for less than four hours.

In conclusion, many advantages come with the use of SteelSeries arctis 7 headphones. The headphone has lightweight that makes it easy for a person to travel with the headphone for a long distance. The speaker has a loud voice that is stereo clear to enhance the enjoyment of the gaming. The battery of the headphone functions for more than 24 hours before it goes off; this gives the user a humble gaming period.

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