The Logitech G935
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The Logitech G935: Worth the Hype?

The Logitech G935

To bring out the real excitement of gaming, a good gaming headset is all you need. Top-notch sound quality is an essential requirement with high-tech consoles, PC, and other gaming tools. A good pair of gaming headsets can let you experience fascinating gaming sessions. Not just these gaming headsets allow crunchy sounds, it gives a sense of comfort even after playing for hours. Also, one of the most important requirements of gaming is effective communication. If you get to hear your team members call after a minute, probably you’ve lost the game. The Logitech G935 might be the best solution.

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Product Description

The Logitech G935

The ability to hear every breath, every footstep, and every shot count while playing. This demands a high-quality gaming headset to bring the game to life like never before. It has been 3 years since The Logitech G935 launched with some latest modifications which is a perfect addition to your gaming battle station. This version of the headset is equipped with advanced 50 millimeters pro g drivers to deliver a superior sound experience. An advanced sound profile and much deeper bass compared to the precedents are what make The Logitech G935 a must-have gaming headset.

What separates a good headphone from the others is the effortless communication ability through an upgraded microphone. This will offer better clarity in voice chats and eases the muting and unmuting by just flipping the microphone up and down. If you prefer to stay plugged in, a wired version of the Logitech headset is also available. The design of this headphone is quite bulky, nevertheless, it’s an aesthetically pleasing headset with decorative grooves.

The Logitech G935 headset features an on/off button which is a slider switch, three programmable shortcut keys to change modes, and a volume controller. The three mappable shortcuts are used for managing LED, flipping surround sound, and EQ presets. Installing the Logitech G Hub software will open ample opportunities for its users. It offers thousands of customizable options to launch your desired programs/games, control the RGB lighting, manage your playlists, set macros, and whatnot. Furthermore, the headphone includes a 3.55m cable intended for PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox; a micro-USB point to charge. The mic is attached to the side of the headphone which is extendable and can be adjusted accordingly. What we most like about the Logitech G935 is the storage space it has designed.

The Logitech G935

The hybrid mesh materials installed in the headphones are capable of bending to the shape of sound waves with almost no distortion. The Logitech G935 features a 3D soundscape to let you hear every bit of your gaming surroundings from every angle.

Like any other gaming headset, Logitech G935 is not compact rather takes a lot of space. The battery of this headphone can continuously work for up to 12 hours on a single charge with the light sync turned off. The frequency goes from 20 Hertz to 20 Kilohertz. Logitech G935 headphones have excellent bass accuracy and treble performance. However, the audio quality is perfect for a gaming headset. The exaggerated sound of gunshots, explosions might sound a bit louder than usual while sounds like the enemy’s footstep are more likely to wipe out.

The G935’s has a poor noise-canceling feature but thanks to the thick cushioned ear pads for blocking out typical distractions.

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Product design and Quality

Gaming headsets are designed not just to look cool, but also for experiencing comfort. The Logitech G935 is designed with high-quality leatherette earpads for enhanced sound quality. The ample cushioning on the surroundings is why these headphones are loved by gamers. You can enjoy free games for up to 12 hours with its built-in 2.4 gigahertz USB receiver. The headset is compatible with both PCs and consoles.

The headphones have got a matte layer on the top and a glossy finish at the ends. On the side of the headset, you will find a USB adaptor to get the wireless functionality by connecting to your PC. The backplates on the earcups provide a magnetic store for battery and USB. A reinforcing metal frame in the headbands ensures flexibility and sturdiness. Not just these headphones have strong built quality, the light sync RGB tech features up to 16.8 million colors which add an exquisite vibe to the headphones.

  1. True cinematic audio
  2. Bulky design; 13.4 ounces.
  3. Breathable leatherette earcups
  4. Comforting padded headband
  5. Programmable colored lighting
  6. Customizable function buttons
  7. High-quality, crystal-clear microphone
  8. Longer battery life
  9. Sturdy built
  10. Generous bass power.

The G935 is a rock-solid headphone to complete your gaming setup with. The programmable lighting, tons of customizable functionalities, and accessible audio controls are praiseworthy. This headphone doesn’t let you realize the slightest cause of discomfort even when your gaming sessions last for hours. If you are willing to buy a gaming headphone, Logitech G935 is not a bad option by any means, however, there are a lot more latest headsets that are offering the same features within more affordable ranges. The headphones have a decent battery life that lasts up to 8 hours of battery life with the RGB lighting which is quite a short duration for long-time users.

If you are looking for a customizable headphone with great audio reproduction, premium microphones, and customizing flexibilities, then the Logitech G935 is for you. Though these headphones are not suitable for outdoor usage due to the bulky structure, the well-balanced sound profile, and comfortable gaming sessions is what any gamer would want. The customizable RGB lights, options, and controls add more to the table. Overall, the Logitech g935 sounds fantastic and a satisfying headset for gamers.

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