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Traktor Pro vs Serato DJ

DJs or disc jockeys use audio hardware and software to create some truly fantastical music. DJs use turntables, audio mixers, amplifiers, and specialized DJ software. Both the Serato DJ and the Traktor Pro are great DJ software and they have their strengths and weaknesses.

The Traktor Pro is the software that DJs who are on a budget prefer. It also has more customizable options than any other DJ software in the market. On the other hand, the Serato DJ is preferred by professional DJs since it is universally compatible with almost all audio hardware. The Serato DJ is also very easy to use and has a more natural layout, which professional DJs like.

In this article, I will talk about two of the most widely used DJ software: the Serato DJ and the Traktor Pro.

Attributes of Serato DJ and Traktor Pro


As the foremost favorites of DJ software, both the Serato DJ and the Traktor Pro have unique attributes together with many similarities.

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Serato DJ is Well Known for Its Ease of Use

Serato DJ is well known for its easily accessible layout and ease of use. The most widely used features are placed with convenience in mind and prioritizing user-friendliness above all. However, Serato DJ does not offer many customizations.

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On the other hand, Traktor Pro has numerous customizations based on user-input but the default options are not as easy to find for novice DJs. I suppose its myriad customizable options are meant to provide the user with a way to make the software tuned to each customer’s tastes.

The Outlook of Both the Serato DJ and the Traktor Pro

If you like retro designs then Serato DJ is right up your alley. The Serato DJ has the analog and traditionalist looks of classic DJ hardware. Its dearth of customizable options is a good thing since it does not weigh your attention down and lets you focus on the DJing aspect.

Whereas, the Traktor Pro with its many customizable choices has a more futuristic and mechanical ambiance which might work well with DJs of our generation.

However, both the Serato DJ and the Traktor Pro have graphical user interfaces that go quite well with high-end clubs where DJs make their killings.

Which DJ Software is More Popular?

In terms of popularity, Serato DJ wins hands down. This is due to several factors which I will elaborate on. Firstly, when Serato DJ was first released back in the year 1999, it quickly gained a base of professional DJs due to its user-friendly graphical user interface and retro looks. Although the Traktor Pro came out after about a year or so, it failed to gain any significant market share.

Secondly, the makers of the Serato DJ employ a cunning marketing strategy by bundling a scaled-down free version of Serato with DJ controllers from Denon and Numark. This way DJs get used to Serato DJ and the switch to the Pro version of Serato DJ is made without much resistance.

Serato DJ vs Traktor Pro: Which is More Reliable?

One of the most critical issues plaguing DJs is the reliability of their equipment and software. Since these machines are a significant investment their long-term usage and longevity are a cause for concern. So, it is a good thing that both the Serato DJ and the Traktor Pro have such stellar records on reliability.

Because Serato DJ commands a greater market share of the DJ software market, it certainly has a larger customer base from which it receives regular feedback on bugs and problems. Therefore, it is no surprise that Serato DJ outstrips Traktor Pro in consistently releasing bug fixes and firmware updates.

Serato DJ vs Traktor Pro: DJ Hardware compatibility

As for being compatible with a wide array of DJ hardware, the Serato DJ is a clear winner because of its regular software updates.

Traktor Pro is not bad at hardware compatibility but it’s better paired with more modern pieces of hardware as it tends not to play well with older hardware.

Serato DJ vs Traktor Pro: Price 

Affordability is a big issue if you do not have a bank account bursting to the brim with money and let us face it that describes most of us! Anyway, although Traktor Pro can be bought for less than 100 dollars it still offers far more options and customizations.

Serato DJ, on the other hand, costs upwards of 129 dollars and any customizations or options such as sound effects must be separately purchased.

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Serato DJ vs Traktor Pro: Configuration

As mentioned before in this article, the Serato DJ only provides those settings, which are generally used, and has only eight customizable options. This allows for more streamlined operation at the expense of customizations. Whereas, the Traktor Pro can be meticulously customized in at least 21 different options, which allows for more creativity but can make the inexperienced DJ get held up with the myriad maze of choices.

It boils down to personal preference: if you enjoy playing with options and customizations then you should go for the Traktor Pro. However, if you prefer practicality to creativity then the Serato DJ is the best fit for you!

Serato DJ vs Traktor Pro: User Interface

Serato DJ’s virtual graphical user interface features two big rotating vinyl records, which are meant to simulate a turntable. Two small displays portray the controls for phase and beat-per-minute. Its waveforms are bordering. The Serato DJ requires the use of an external sound card and DJ controller.

The Tractor Pro incorporates a built-in internal mixer that can operate without any external sound cards or DJ controllers. Its waveforms are separated. It has a built-in meter to adjust the phase in the mix.

All things considered, both Serato DJ and Traktor Pro have many good qualities that set them apart in the market for DJ software. While the Serato DJ looks and performs like a traditional turntable, the Traktor Pro delivers a tad richer music experience by offering highly customizable options.

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