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Vojek Over Ear DJ Headphones Review

Professional DJs are the heart of any party and they can easily turn your night around. So, if you could get your hands on a specialized device that DJ’s use, would you pass out on it? For most people, the answer is no and perhaps you agree with them. If you do, then you must also be looking for premium grade mixers and a pair of JBL speakers, right? Well, there is no problem with owning professional disc jockey equipment. The problem is all about buying the right kind of disc jockey equipment. One equipment that you can easily use is an over-ear headphone. Before you buy an over-ear headphone, you may need to know what you are looking for.

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How to Identify Good Over-ear Headphones?

The way over-ear headphones work is by leaving some space in the middle of ears and headphone speakers. You may find it difficult to identify the good ones from this tiny detail. Well, the good over-ear headphones envelop you in completely natural sound. On the other hand, they lend a feeling of distance between the musical performance and you, the listener.

Last of all, the saying, “bigger is always better” is apt for this situation. If the over-ear headphones are big, it ensures a bigger battery life as well as speakers.

With that said, let’s look inside the Vojek Over-Ear DJ Headphones:

Vojek Over Ear

Vojek Over Ear

As soon as you pick up the headphones, it should become clear to you that they are lightweight. With each pair weighing a meager 11.1 ounces, they are easy to carry around. In addition, the Vojek Over-Ear Headphones comprise of ear-cushions. The ear cushions have been made with the specific goal of enclosing your entire ear.

Over-Ear headphones contain speaker cups that rotate up to a full 90 degree. It even pivots just enough to result in a comfortable fit. Most importantly, the pivot allows the speaker cups to have compact storage. There are two arms as well that can be adjusted to keep up with the size of your head.

As soon as you touch the speaker cups, they will give off a soft touch. The primary reason for it is a covering on the cups made with memory foam accompanied by protein leather. With the memory foam in place, it becomes easy for the headphone to provide sound isolation with some comfort.

There are a lot of fine details that make the Vojek Over-Ear Headphones a real beauty. For instance, it contains a speaker driver that is 50mm long that has been enclosed inside the earpieces. On the other hand, there is a cable too and it contains a section made with a curly cord. With the help of this curly cord, you may move around for 9ft from the device’s connection.

Vojek Over Ear

You still have the chance to change the scenario if you don’t like it. The Vojek Over-Ear DJ Headphones come with an adapter. Its job is to turn the 3.5mm plug into equipment that can fit inside a quarter-inch jack. There are a lot of benefits to using the 3.5mm jack.

For instance, you can plug your headset inside the jack of your smartphone. After that, you can play your favorite tracks to test the audio quality. There are other ways to test the audio quality as well. You can enter into any streaming platform you like and watch episodes of your favorite TV shows.

Furthermore, you can fit the adapter as well if you deem it necessary. As such, it will allow you to connect the device to headphone jacks of mixers, guitars, amplifiers, etc.

Design and Quality

As mentioned above, you can test the audio quality in a number of ways. There are a lot of previous instances of superior sound quality that resulted from using 50mm speakers. You can take your time testing the device because they are lightweight. To be precise, these headphones have a smooth design and you can wear them for a really long time.

The speaker driver combines with neodymium magnets to produce a deep bass response. Furthermore, this combination improves the overall sound quality. So, if you are playing a song on your smartphone, it is bound to feel authentic. In addition, the bass is likely to rumble and still not get muddy under any circumstance.

Vojek Over Ear

One of the biggest attractions of the Vojek Over-Ear DJ Headphones is the 2-in-1 plug. This plug features a regular 3.5mm plug on the inside as well as a 6.35mm on its exterior. The plug is quite easy to switch as you just need to twist its largest plug on and off. Other than that, the design makes it compatible and will solve the problem of having an extra cable.

The Vojek Over-Ear DJ Headphones can plug inside any instrument of your choice. Once you put them on, you will hardly feel anything sitting right next to your ears. The credit for that goes to the earmuffs that are made with sponge accompanied by soft leather. To be precise, the sponge in these earmuffs actually improves the breathability factor.

On the other hand, the soft leather is responsible for allowing you to use the headphones for long hours.


If you have super comfy headphones lying around, it’s only natural for you to carry them during a long journey. In order to help you move around with these headphones, the manufacturers have made them foldable. So, you can fold them up into a size small enough to fit your bag. The best part about having foldable headphones is their rotatable earcups.

Vojek Over Ear

In fact, you will have no trouble folding them because they feature earcups that rotate a full 90 degrees. It comes with spring cable that is 3m in length and is really durable. The cable’s length helps it reach from one part of your console to the other part of the stage.

The ability of Vojek Over-Ear DJ Headphones to reproduce sound can be quite impressive. With that said, it is up to you to decide whether you want to give them a try.

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