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Is the WM1A Walkman Signature Series Worth Buying in 2021?


Is the WM1A Walkman Signature Series Worth Buying in 2021?


There is a saying that your playlist says a lot about you. We believe a good music player always stands still like a shadow, behind your brilliant taste in music. Music takes you to places and so does your music player. Visualizing what music means to audiophiles like you, Sony came up with a bunch of fantastic Walkman series that left the world in awe, for instance, the WM1A Walkman Signature Series.

If you can recall, back in the days carrying a Walkman and heading out to conquer the world felt nothing but amusing. Thanks to Sony for the golden era of the Walkman signature series. First, Sony launched the Walkman signature series in the year 2006. Years went by and we got to see some exciting gadgets to feed our eternal love for music.

The Signature Series from Sony’s Walkman collection came along with some exciting features that were not available in any other music device back in the days. Sony assured us high-quality music for the price we paid then. Not to mention, this fantastic series disappointed none. Hitting the nostalgia, today we have brought one of Sony’s golden collections that you must have your hands on. Introducing the WM1A Walkman Signature Series.

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Product Description


Product Description

The WM1A Walkman Signature Series was released in 2016. If you are wondering why get a Walkman that old, then keep reading to find out why not.

If you are a big fan of Bluetooth like us then you will love this one. This Walkman supports Bluetooth connectivity throughout a wide range. So, you can pair it up with your favorite pair of headphones and enjoy high-quality music wherever you go! You can additionally access the hi-speed USB 2.0 connection.

One of the best things about WM1A is that it incorporates ø4.4mm balanced and standard connection. That means, the standard plugin this player keeps the noise in check and picks out all the noise that may come in your way. This is how you get superior audio quality delivered with clarity.

If you are thinking that this model is a bit old, then there’s good news for you! This Walkman from Sony was ahead of its time as it supports a wide range of file types. Starting from AIFF, ALAC, MP3, WMA, FLAC, WAV, DSD to HE-AAC. Save music of any type and enjoy.

Did we tell you the sleek display the WM1A Walkman Signature Series has? Here you go- the display with touch screen flexibilities. The overall display dimension is 72.9 mm × 124.2 mm × 19.9 mm. The active touch screen area is 4.0 inches with intuitive navigation features. Additionally, you can access side keys as the control panel.

Coming to its battery life, it takes a maximum of seven hours to fully charge the Walkman. Seven hours for how long? How about 33 hours of continuous music? We are not even kidding! That’s what you get when you choose brands like Sony! The memory size is huge. Now store music worth up to 128 GB with the WM1A Walkman Signature Series.

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Product Design and Quality


Product Design and Quality

This model has been very deftly crafted for flaunting the most functional, practical, and futuristic design. Not even the slightest plastic material is used in its construction. The outer frame is fully cladded with a premium quality aluminum frame. Break-proof this frame has a subtle high-end finishing, it won’t be exaggerating if we say it’ll impart a combo of luxury and comfort together in your hand.

Its layout is pretty original and handy. The buttons are securely placed and easy to control. You won’t find any lags or bugs while using it, in fact, you won’t even face any issue with the double pressing as well. The OS of WM1A Walkman Signature Series is moderately simple and open to the latest updates. It supports the latest 384 kHz /32-bit rate along with the DSD Native Replay function to retain all the precise details of the recordings. Besides, when you transfer music to this device, the items get stored up alphabetically resulting in the songs finding easier than ever.

Talking about the electrics, this WM1A Walkman Signature Series is tailored with high-tech oxygen-free copper cabling with a close focus on perfection. The upshot will be perceived by the sound quality. So, let’s peek into that area.


Product Features

  1. 4.4mm unbalanced & balanced connector for increased output.
  2. S-Master amp technology to cut distortion.
  3. DSEE upscaling technology to prevent losing authenticity.
  4. 5 DSEE HX modes to choose from.
  5. MELF resistors to block out noise.
  6. High polymer capacitor to regulate power flow.
  7. 128GB built-in and expandable micro-SD memory.
  8. Up to 30-hours of high-res playback.
  9. Native DSD that supports up to 11.2MHz
  10. 854 x 480 high-res display.
  11. 32bit/384kHz playback.



Be it sleek design or outstanding high-res audio, the WM1A Walkman has it all. All the features that it comes with are so spot-on that it’s hard to pick out a drawback. Sony has really taken the game a notch higher with this audio player, no doubt about that. We approve this player for all the hardcore audiophiles out there who are planning on buying a new one.

The only thing that might bug you about the WM1A is the high price tag that it comes with. You have to splurge a big $1,100 to get your hands on this. But given it comes from a high-end brand like Sony and has all these advanced features, you cannot really complain. When it comes to WM1A Walkman, you will definitely get what you pay for. So, you have the budget to splurge, don’t think much, and get this player right away!

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