Best Yamaha Subwoofer in 2022

Yamaha Subwoofers for home
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You need something that would create the best sound you can get while picking the best form of entertainment. Having a subwoofer means that your music and movie experience can get better than it already is. Since they have the most dynamic sound, the Yamaha subwoofers are some of the best you can get your hands on. We listed the 10 best Yamaha subwoofers below, so you can find the best one for your setup.

 Best Yamaha Subwoofers in 2022

10. YAMAHA SR-B20A Sound Bar


YAMAHA SR-B20A Sound Bar 

Yamaha’s SR-B20A is a quality budget soundbar that is covered in an eye-catching and durable outer shell. The top panel of the soundbar is a simplified design by Yamaha, adding wider LEDs for greater visibility. The SR-B20A has a remote that is easy to use and has a remote app that is mostly unchanged from previous versions.


– Dual subwoofers are built-in

– Four different sound modes

– Remote control included

– Bluetooth connection


9. Yamaha Audio YAS-209BL Sound Bar with Subwoofer


Yamaha Audio YAS-209BL Sound Bar with Subwoofer 

With sleek curved corners, the Yamaha YAS-209 has an elegant build. It’s designed to be subtle and has a slim profile, allowing the soundbar to sit under your TV without attracting attention. On the top panel, positioned to the left of the center and towards the front, the only indicator is a set of small LEDs.


– Voice control built-in

-​ Surround sound system

– Wireless connectivity


8. Yamaha YAS-109 Sound Bar with Built-In Subwoofers


Yamaha YAS-109 Sound Bar with Built-In Subwoofers

There is a streamlined style on the Yamaha YAS-109 soundbar. Connectivity, Alexa, Bluetooth, tone, etc., symbols are on the display screen. The cloth covering on the front gives it a minimal appearance. The soundbar has subwoofer connections, HDMI IN/OUT, and network ports.


– Very simple design

– Voice control options

– Crystal clear sound​

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7. Yamaha DXS15 MKII Powered Subwoofer


Yamaha DXS15 MKII Powered Subwoofer 

With excellent visibility and precision, the DXS’s high-performance Class-D amplifier is capable of delivering up to 1020W of power and a maximum SPL of 135dB. With minimal distortion, the high-output woofer of the DXS18 offers solid, low-frequency bass. DXS Series enclosures implement a band-pass design. The outside of the enclosure features a robust Polyurea coating with high corrosion resistance.


– Easy to set up

– Resistant to damage

– Great sound quality

– Lightweight​


6. Yamaha SR-C20A Sound Bar


Yamaha SR-C20A Sound Bar 

With the C20A, there is no Wi-Fi to configure, and there is no portable subwoofer to attach to. As a consequence of the ease, when setting things up, there are no secret complexities to crash into. It’s much simpler to tell when the ClearVoice and bass extension capabilities of the soundbar are in operation.


– Can be mounted on the wall

– Easy to set up

– Surround sound system​


5. Yamaha ATS-1080 Soundbar


Yamaha ATS-1080 Soundbar 

The Yamaha YAS-108 is almost completely wrapped in fabric, with the exception of the sides, where the ports for the two combined subwoofers are mounted, and the plastic rear. The Yamaha YAS-108’s back is made of plastic of decent quality and has one opening for the input ports.


– Bluetooth connectivity

– Digital surround-sound technology

– Durable build quality​

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4. Yamaha SWK-W16 Wireless Subwoofer


Yamaha SWK-W16 Wireless Subwoofer

The Yamaha SWK-W16 wireless adapter converts your favorite wired sub into a wireless sub. On your subwoofer, the adapter attaches to the LFE input. You can have more positioning options for your sub, with a wireless range of up to 30 feet. The SWK-W16 must be plugged into an AC outlet.


– Minimalistic design

– Wireless connectivity

– Compact​


3. Yamaha Subwoofer (one) YST-SW010


Yamaha Subwoofer (one) YST-SW010 

Built for people who want sound in the concert hall, this subwoofer from Yamaha is powerful and high quality. The Yamaha YST-SW010 is the best alternative when at home for audio entertainment. This driven subwoofer is offering strong amplification, low distortion, and deep bass. This driven subwoofer is easy to arrange and attach, with a practical design, ensuring you can instantly feast your ears on a high-quality audio experience. You can also perceive throbbing lows with the impressive frequency response featured on the Yamaha YST-SW010.


– Loud and clear sound output

– Wired connectivity

– One-way construction


2. Yamaha DXS12 MKII Powered Subwoofer


Yamaha DXS12 MKII Powered Subwoofer 

The DXS12 MKII is smaller and lighter than the original DXS12, and in a box that fits in your trunk. The advanced low-frequency processing of Yamaha ensures that this sub can create sound pressure levels of up to 134 dB, an impressively loud bass for an enclosure of this size. The built-in pole sockets of the sub make installing a speaker directly over the sub convenient. There is a weather-resistant covering in the plywood enclosure that withstands the stresses of touring. If it’s a small club, a medium-sized space, or even outdoors, this driven sub can bring complexity and richness to every setup.


– Compact and lightweight

– Easy to set up

– Distortion-free sound

– Crystal clear sound output​


1. Yamaha DXS18 Powered Subwoofer


Yamaha DXS18 Powered Subwoofer 

The rock-solid bass and reliable sound you get from Yamaha’s DXS18 powered subwoofer will amaze you. Packed in a sturdy wooden box, the 18-inch DXS18 subwoofer reflects the newest sound amplification technology from Yamaha. It provides optimum output into an effective design that is suitable for gigging artists, school sound systems, and worship houses. And the DXS18 provides the kind of extremely deep bass you would anticipate from a much larger subwoofer, thanks to the built-in D-XSUB processing.


– Durable construction

– Reduced distortion

– Powerful sound output​​

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How is a Subwoofer Different from a Speaker?

How is a Subwoofer Different from a Speaker?


Subwoofers are used for the lowest part of the audio spectrum and are ideal for perfect bass performance. High frequency and maximum sound quality output are given by speakers.


A “sub” or subwoofer is a woofer or a loudspeaker and its purpose is to replicate low-pitched audio frequencies. This is also relatable for bass. As for the build of a subwoofer, it’s typically a wooden or plastic loudspeaker enclosure mounted with one or two woofers. Based on the performance, scale, expense, power handling, and distortion traits they present, subwoofer variants are distinct.


A speaker refers to an electro-acoustic transducer. For a loudspeaker, the underlying operating theory is that the fluctuations of an electrical signal allow the system to travel in harmony with it and transmit sound waves through the air. The highest distortion and audible variations are caused by the microphones, thereby playing a major role in contrasting audio systems.

Subwoofer vs. Speaker

The distinction between subwoofers and speakers thus ultimately applies to their frequency range. Though subwoofers are used for the lowest portion of the audio spectrum and are suitable for bass sounds, speakers do not have those limitations and offer high frequencies to perfection, such as mid-and treble ranges. The inherent distinction between subwoofers and speakers is only related to the frequency spectrum.

What Are the Different Types of the Subwoofer?

What Are the Different Types of the Subwoofer?

Passive Subwoofers

Passive subwoofers are known as the standard subwoofers. The passive subwoofers have to be connected to an external car amplifier. They compose only of a low-frequency motor. For installation in cars with limited space, passive subs are suitable. Since they don’t have an enclosure, they can sit in the smallest room in the vehicle. Based on the power requirements, the amount of power required to power the passive sub will vary.

Ported Subwoofers

Ported subwoofers have an extra port that allows air to escape. It will raise the subwoofer’s bass level. The reasoning for this is that bass frequencies that may not often have an escape route are now found in the extra escape air. As such, you can hear these speakers referred to as speakers of ‘bass-reflex.’ They offer a thick sound of rich bass.

Powered Subwoofers

Powered subwoofers combine the subwoofer speaker and an amplifier. A line output from a home theater receiver is everything a powered subwoofer requires, in addition to AC power. This arrangement takes out a great deal of the power load from the amp and makes it easy for it to power the mid-range and tweeters.

Bandpass Subwoofers

Bandpass Subwoofers are a complicated design and within defined frequency ranges. They allow you to define with great specificity the amounts of bass you want to get through. Two chambers that are split have bandpass microphones. Usually, a port that emits the radiation from the front cone would provide only one portion of the break.

What to Do to Make Your Subwoofer Sound Better?

What to Do to Make Your Subwoofer Sound Better?

The number one reason why most subwoofers sound bad is the enclosures. Each subwoofer has a particular range of minimum and maximum air space volume required for the subwoofer to work at its best in a sealed or filled enclosure. Sealed enclosures provide a higher transient response and, because of the small amount of space, have reasonable low-frequency control and extension. While ported enclosures are capable of translating electrical power into acoustic output, they are more effective. Any subwoofers are designed especially for either a sealed enclosure or a ported one.

Place your subwoofer in your preferred place and then do some tuning. To make it sound better:

  • Change the crossover before playing the subwoofer. Set the subwoofer’s crossover in the range of 40Hz-60Hz if you are using large floor-standing main speakers and a little higher at about 50Hz-80Hz if you’re using smaller speakers. Set the crossover to 80Hz-160Hz for portable satellite speakers.
  • Turn the control on and set the volume of the subwoofer to the amount required.
  • A delay between the subwoofer and the main speakers is compensated for by phase control. Begin with control of the step in the 0. No more modification is needed if the sound from the subwoofer is satisfactory from the listening location.

Finally, make minor changes to the desired tone of the stereo audio equalizer.

How to Install a Subwoofer in a Home Theater?

How to Install a Subwoofer in a Home Theater?


There is a dedicated subwoofer attachment situated on the rear input/output panel of most modern audio/video receivers (AVRs). The connection of the subwoofer is branded as “Subwoofer Out” or something similar. An RCA link, a type of cable designed to transfer audio and video signals, is also used in the subwoofer output connector.

The use of insulated, heavy-gauge cabling designed especially for subwoofers is strongly recommended. A smoother, more noise-free audio signal is given by such cables.

The AVRs of today provide 7.2, 9.2, and also 11.2 capabilities. The .2 implies that two subwoofer outputs are available, meaning that two subwoofer outputs can be used concurrently. If the AVR only has a 5.1 function, hence the .1 would mean that it only has one subwoofer output and would thus only be used with one subwoofer.

If there is no RCA “subwoofer output” connector in your AVR, then speaker-level signals can be taken from the amp by certain self-powered subwoofers. Attach the speaker cable to the outputs of the front-left and front-right terminals on the rear panel of your AVR. Mount the other end of the speaker wire to the speaker wire terminals. For the subwoofer amplifier, the amplification circuitry can combine all channels into mono, isolate the bass frequencies, and amplify the tone.

We hope you can find your ideal Yamaha Subwoofer from the list above. We also tried to answer some general questions one might have regarding subwoofers. Consider the features of these products with what you are looking for and then make your purchase. One of these subwoofers might end up being part of your sound system.

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