ZX500 Walkman
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Is ZX500 Walkman Worth Buying?

Even in this era of technology, audiophiles cannot get enough of music players. Streaming music on smartphones is cool, but when it comes to music players, nothing even stands a chance. Talking about audio players, we know one thing for sure, the Walkman series from the brand Sony will never go out of demand. The Walkman series was first introduced back in the ’90s. Needless to say, it changed the way people listen to music and they’ve been doing this ever since.

Every now and then, Sony comes up with a brand new Walkman to meet the demands of audiophiles around the world. In light of the 40th anniversary of the Walkman series, Sony released the ZX500 player in 2019. It immediately blew up. Even though it was launched almost a year ago, and new editions are already on its way, audiophiles are not over it yet.

This limited-edition audio player has to be one of the most affordable Walkman Sony has to offer. You don’t have to splurge thousands of bucks on this one, but you will get way more than what you’d have to pay for.

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Product Description


The ZX500 series with high-res quality comes all wrapped up in an aluminum frame for less distortion in the sound. Sony has maintained its premium quality yet again by implementing optimal technologies like DSD natives, S-Master HX, and DSEE ultimate in this player. The DCD Native technology helps the device to bring out its best sound when using balanced headphones. The S-Master HX reduces external noises in various frequencies, while DSSE Ultimate helps to produce high- frequency sound during audio compression. For powerful bass notes, the device also features the latest high polymer FT capacitors.

Talking about powerful audio notes, Sony has managed to incorporate LDAC in DZ500 for high-quality wireless audio. Swift and the seamless connection is again confirmed by NFC and the device is Qualcomm Aptx HD supported. The front has 3.6 inches of HD display. The whole system is powered by Android 9.0. With Wi-Fi and Android interface, you can stream both music and videos, anywhere and everywhere. This takes the device’s mobility to the next level as it functions almost the same as a tiny android smartphone.

Another great thing about the Zx500 player is its extended battery life. It has a whopping 20 hours of battery life and that means you can stream up to 20 hours of music after each charge. The ZX500 Walkman has expandable storage of 64GB. An extra slot of SD card is also attached beside to allow you to have the biggest music collection ever.

With the help of its 4.4 mm port, it also keeps the balanced output in check and maintains the authenticity of the sound. Thanks to the latest MQA technology, it prevents the loss of tonal quality and delivers audio exactly the way it was meant to be delivered. For minimum signal loss and crisp sound, Sony has managed to connect the circuit with a minimal amount of gold. Like all the other high-end Walkman, this device has POSCAP technology to enhance the performance in low range audio reproduction. At such an affordable price range, that’s really impressive, no question asked.

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Product Design and Quality

At first sight, ZX500 comes off as a basic device. But there’s more to this music player than meets the eye. Keeping the music enthusiasts in mind, who like to stream music on the go, this one was designed to be sturdy yet compact. Thanks to its solid aluminum milled frame, it blocks out every potential distortion in sound and provides clear bass notes.

While the touch panel is a bit larger than its predecessor, it’s small to look at and fits in pockets easily. The curved body also makes it comfortable to fit in palms and slide-in pockets. Simply put, it has a convenient design and you won’t have a hard time carrying it around.

The ZX500 Walkman comes in a jet-black color and is really elegant to look at. Given it features an aluminum milled frame, it has a slight bit of sheen to it. If you are not into the over-the-top design and looking for a sleek yet subtle audio player, ZX500 is all you need.

For a durable design, ZX500 has been mounted on a copper milled block. The milled block not only makes it sturdy enough to use in the long run, but it also increases electrical grounding for digital streaming. All the panel controls have been positioned on the side for easy access. The 3.6-inch LED display is made with scratch-resistant glass and has a resolution of 864×480. The resolution might seem a bit low, but given it has short stature, we’re pretty sure it won’t cause much of a problem.

  1. 128 kbps MP3 playback.
  2. 64GB integrated memory.
  3. USB Type-C™ port for better compatibility.
  4. High polymer capacitor to strengthen power supply.
  5. Film capacitor for noise reduction.
  6. POSCAP to block out unbalanced audio output.
  7. S-Master HX™ to cut distortion.
  8. Dual crystal oscillator for digital reproduction.
  9. Advance solder gold to keep signum loss at a minimum.
  10. Vinyl Processor to help deliver authentic sound.
  11. Supported by Android for easy digital streaming.


It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call ZX500 one of the best Walkman available in the market. It costs so much less than what makes the product but has all the features you root for a music player to have. So, if you are planning on buying this one, go for it without thinking much!

When it comes to audio players, Sony never fails to amaze us, and the ZX500 is no exception. If you are bored out of your wits using your same old audio player and missing out on premium features of a high-end Walkman, the ZX500 will best fit your demands!

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